Everything You Must Know About YouTube Influencer Partnerships

Influencers are people with the power to drive the decision of their audience. They have knowledge, skills, and reach to impact a person’s way of choosing and thinking. Today, sales representatives hire or use influencers to boost the sales of their products. Influencers help produce sales, making them excellent partners to improve your performance in the market. 

There are a lot of platforms Influencers use. One of them is YouTube. YouTube is a video service platform where Influencers share popular or in-trend content that the public relates. 

Most businesses avoid YouTube, and most of them are not aware that YouTube is the 2nd most searched “online search engine,” defeated only by Google. It’s popular amongst customers when finding find news, gathering information, following content creators and influencers.

Why work with YouTube Influencers?

I consider the following reasons valid for business owners looking to expand their brand. Influencers can reach different consumers by widening and expanding target audiences. 

YouTube Influencers can help widen your reach. 

Youtube Influencers have an open reach in the social media landscape because the videos they create are accessible to all people who are using Youtube. Other online search platforms have this feature, but Youtube stands out due to the following reasons:

  • People use YouTube more than other online search websites.
  • YouTube users are more active individuals. They watch and go through the whole video rather than scrolling down and just taking the 

YouTube influencers can market directly to customers, which makes them reach larger and better. These make YouTube an attractive place for people to spend time and watch content quality videos. 

YouTube Influencers are practical and personal people. They relate their content with their subscribers. These Influencers are committed to the information they make and share. There’s a difference between Matthew McConaughey fixing a car and a YouTube video creator whose channel has been entirely on car mechanics. The latter has more expertise; therefore, more credibility.

These Influencers or YouTube video creator knows what they talk about and have a sense of influence over their audience. Most of their audiences pattern put their buying decisions from suggestions of the influencer. One of the specific niches where an Influencer almost controls its audience’s buying decision is the beauty and makeup tutorial videos. Influencers in this niche have become millionaires because brands that have endorsed these Influencers have equaled their influence into earnings. 

Working with YouTube Influencers is profitable.

Popular influencers with a huge following can charge companies expensively because they can reach a lot of audiences. Some companies opt to partner with “micro-influencers” or influencers with a small to medium reach of audiences since they do not charge that big. Micro-influencers are influencers with a direct influence on a few thousand loyal and interested followers. Companies tend to partner more with micro-influencers since they have a higher probability of having their product being bought or used. 

YouTube videos have permanence.

Posted videos on YouTube are available for people to watch at any point in time. It can be viewed now or in the future as an informational reference. Video creators do not suddenly remove their videos unless there is something wrong with it. As much as possible, they post more videos since it gives them an advantage in getting more views and audience. That is why companies that partner with video creators so that they can advertise their product for a period, even if they will only pay once. There will always be people who will view the video for information or reviews. Companies will keep paying dividends even after the video was posted, in contrast to television or radio advertising, where advertisements are only available for a limited time frame. 

You’ll have a share of their reputation. 

Having a “street cred” is a way for your brand to be known anywhere. Influencers can make your brand have an attractive image to potential users. An inviting image can lead to more sales and make your product more popular. 

Influencers can make your product appear more alluring, especially when selling it to their followers. These individuals trust them. It will be easy for your brand to pick up a specific type of branding that is trustworthy.

With these, I hope you understand how influencers work and what they represent. 

Partnering with the right influencer can be a tedious task. I took note that it would be a big problem if I worked with the wrong influencer. I searched and made a relationship with the right influencer. Searching for the right influencer takes effort and work. It is better to start with the right person by doing research. In my experience, I interviewed numerous influencers then removed the ones that are not beneficial to me. After that, I started to sift out one by one in terms of their attitude, personality, and work ethics until I found the best candidate or “perfect influencer.” Being patient is the key to finding the right influencer for your brand. It will take time before finding the right one, but it will all be worth it. 

Identifying the YouTube Influencers in Your Niche

Knowing the influencers in your niche is an easy thing to do. What I did was I searched for keywords and watched as many videos as I could.

The main characteristic to look for in an influencer is being knowledgeable, enabling them to form a special connection with your audience. Select an influencer with a well-mannered personality and has positive feedback from the public. It’s also a must to work with an influencer with constructive content, someone who can be balanced in opinion and is honest. 

Think about who matches your brand well. They have to connect with your current following on top of sharing with you their fanbase. The quality of their subscribers matters a lot more than quantity. 

Also, allot enough time to figure out if their videos are faring well. Check the like to dislike ratio and the comments section. These will give you an idea if their followers like them or not.

Those that are a little bigger and more established than the others have agents and managements handling them. I implore you to make good connections with the management to have a meaningful partnership with the influencer. Having good relations with the management is a huge plus because the people behind the scenes have something to contribute to your brand’s progress.

Suppose time is not on your side, though. In that case, you can try free influencer management websites like Channel Pages, Social bluebook, and Scrunch, which can help you see the demographics you might need or provide you with a directory of influencers to reach out to.

So now that you know how beneficial working with YouTube influencers can be, how do you begin? Here are some pointers to keep in mind as you start your search:

Analyze ratings.

First, you have to consider their “rating level” and how it matches your brand. Are the materials they post appropriate for your target market? Do they post questionable content? You can find this out not only by watching their current content but also by analyzing their older videos.

Establish a connection, but do it slowly.

If you are just starting out, remember that you do not have to go for the big names immediately. Try to start with influencers with only a few thousand followers. These people will ask for compensation that is usually within your budget, and they can still deliver to your target audience.

Look outside your industry.

Try to think of other tangible interests that might work well with your products. For example, if your brand is releasing a new line of bridal cosmetics, don’t just limit your options to makeup gurus on YouTube. They can be very expensive. Instead, maybe there are photography channels that you can tap, offering prenup shoots. They can low-key endorse your line. They cover the same needs and lifestyle but with a different focus group. It might even open new doors for you in the process.

Reaching Out to YouTube Influencers

Now that you know how to search for influencers that will suit your needs and branding, you must be wondering about the next step: how to contact them. Serious influencers are easy to get because they usually have their contact details posted on their bios or “me” tabs. Just click on those tabs, and you should be able to reach them quickly and directly, without having to catch their attention through their many private messages.

First thing’s first, subscribe to the influencer of your choice before you send them a message. That’s just basic courtesy.

Here are three points you need to keep in mind when emailing your prospective YouTube influencer:

  1. In the email, do not forget to introduce yourself and your business with some credentials and recognitions. You must show that you are a legitimate brand looking for someone to represent you to the general public. 
  2. Then try to show that you can connect with them by using specific points you might have seen in their old content.
  3. Keep things short and concise. People do not have time for long and winding emails anymore. Don’t forget to mention the benefits that the influencer can get out of your proposal, especially monetary benefits. Just refrain from mentioning any specific amount in your first email.

These tips should work with most of the influencers you might want to contact in the future. If you decide to go with more prominent names, remember that they might already have an agent or manager. They might also be contacted through them or via a Direct Message on their other social media accounts. 

Besides crafting emails, you can also consider sending gift packages or samples to the influencers you want to work with. They will usually have a PO Box address on their About Me tabs, which can be an efficient way to get to them and get your brand across.

YouTube Money Talks

Advertising to a broad audience comes with a price. Although this does not automatically mean monetary compensation, you must always remember that this is a business at the end of the day. It may be nice to get advertised for free, but you must be prepared to give something in return to be effective and efficient. There are three main ways you can provide compensation:


One of the most efficient modes of payment is through freebies. If you have already established your brand, some influencers might want to work with you in exchange for a few samples that they can post about. Although it may seem like you are really giving things away, you are actually getting something in return: customer information and data. You can do this by tracking your metrics using a unique affiliate code, link, or coupon that your chosen influencer can give away to her viewers. You can also check the data through your website’s traffic behavior every time the influencer you work with posts something new.

Flat Rate

On average, it might cost you $300 to $500 for a video to be uploaded about your product. If you have a little more budget, you can also pay about $1000 or more to be advertised beyond YouTube. However, this flat rate may vary depending on the following of the influencer.


 If money is a little tight, you can also try setting up commissions. This is when you try to offer up a portion of the sales you generate through a link that they provide their viewers and followers. It also works perfectly if you combine the promise of a commission or affiliate link with a smaller charge per type of content you want the influencer to release.

Tips For Working with a YouTube Influencer

What do you do once you have actually found the YouTube influencers you want to work with? How do you move forward after signing the deals and starting your partnerships?

Give them creative freedom.

Influencers are creators. Once you have established your partnership, it is best to just let them be to create the content based on their branding. But before you completely leave them alone, set some guidelines that will protect your brand a well. Make sure to discuss who you are and who your company is as well as you can so that whatever content they produce will always be in line with your own rules.

Follow FTC regulations.

Make sure to remind the influencer you are working with to be as transparent as they can be without seeming overly in your face. Indicate if it is a paid sponsorship if it was a gift, or any variation of that so that you do no anger the FTC and lose the trust of your audience just as you gain them.

Specify the timeline and deadlines.

Working with people who work at their own time means that you must be firm with the dates you give so that they release the posts and videos at the same time you need them. You may need the new content in line with a bigger marketing plan, so make sure you clear the deadlines with them so that you can cross-check it as well before it gets published for the world to see.

YouTube offers a type of creative freedom that you cannot get anywhere else. So if you want your brand to go off in a more niche community, this might just be the way to go. You can accomplish these by working with influencers in exchange for only a handful of money or product samples. It may sound risky, but at the end of the day, the audience you can capture is undoubtedly invested and interested, and you may even get shocked with the results.

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