Is It A Good Idea to Advertise on TikTok?

Did you know that TikTok has gained over one billion users from various parts of the world in less than five years? In what seems like a snap of the fingers, this platform has surpassed social media giants like Twitter and Snapchat.

In 2019, it was the most downloaded social media app, beating Facebook and IG. Moreover, the download numbers show no indication of going down any time soon. Many people think that it will become the largest social network in the future.

To adapt to trends, Tiktok has decided to implement advertising to its platform. Now, many marketers and advertisers are faced with the question — is it a good idea to start advertising on TikTok?

What’s TikTok All About?

If you are not familiar with the app, think of it this way: It combines features from Snapchat and Instagram using Facebook’s backend. You’ll understand why in a few minutes.

TikTok is a Chinese-developed social media app established by ByteDance, a renowned Chinese tech company. In its origin country, it goes by the name “Douyin.” Users create 15-second videos. They can add background music, filters, etc. before sharing it with the platform.

This short description reminds me of this other platform from not too long ago named It was prevalent in the United States until 2017. That year, obedience purchased and linked it with TikTok. Since users were retained, TikTok was able to secure American patrons. Combined with their Chinese users, the platform became the first platform to amass a huge number of users from both markets.

If going international is your goal, you should consider implementing TikTok advertising in your marketing efforts. TikTok is becoming more and more significant as time passes by.

Who Uses TikTok?

It’s hard to tell since TikTok is known as Douyin in certain Asian countries. Most statistics only focus on user numbers under the name TikTok, which means it is missing important markets such as China, South Korea, and Japan.

On the other hand, these studies indicate the app’s popularity in the USA, India, and other countries as opposed to the UK. Apparently, TikTok is not as prominent in the UK. Only 7 million TikTok users are from the UK. Most people prefer Facebook, which is why there are 44 million platform users in the country.

When it comes to demographics, TikTok definitely has a young fanbase. Almost 50% of TikTok users fall between the ages of 16 and 24, but more and more millennials are slowly getting into it from all over the world. 

The ratio between male and female users is almost equal. However, there are slightly more female users, comprising about 56% of the total number of Tiktok users.

What type of advertising options are readily available on TikTok?

As mentioned earlier, TikTok has been serving businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services. There are four advertisement formats you can use on TikTok.

In-feed native video

Shoot vertical videos that will pop up on the suggestion known as “For You.” Ensure that the video does not go under 9 seconds and over 15 seconds because in-feed native videos are considered the most disruptive of all advertisement formats.

Hashtag challenge

Come up hashtags to engage users and attract influencers. It is fuss-free because you are banking on user-generated content.

Brand Takeover

It’s very similar to newspaper ads. Upon opening the app, users get treated to branded content at times. If they are not fond of today’s brand takeover, they could quickly turn off the ad.

Quality lenses.

Craft 2D or 3D lenses that users can do on their own. This is less disruptive than others.

So these four ad formats on TikTok can help your business grow. But to be candid, seeing results from this platform will take time. The app has similar features with the updated Instagram. Unlike Instagram, however, businesses don’t flock TikTok. Most TikTok users use the app to get entertained the same way they would when watching YouTube videos. It’s not exactly a network to connect with friends, browse photos, and follow your favorite brands. People go to it for the purpose of entertainment, making it more suitable for influencer marketing and content creators. 

To be candid, your Instagram ad campaigns won’t be fruitful on TikTok

The way things currently are, it is essential to curate a subtle form of branding and item placement to make it on TikTok. Moreover, you should also rely on viral content, influencers, and other soft selling methods to push your campaign forward. Paid advertising is still relatively new, so there is still a lot to learn. Companies are slowly figuring out the advertising prowess of TikTok. We need to give the platform some time to refine its advertising features before we gauge its performance.

On the other hand, there’s no doubt organic content campaigns are making waves and reaping benefits for businesses. 

Should You Advertise on TikTok ASAP?

Take a look at your target market. Does TikTok cater to them? If yes, then go for it. Use TikTok to create captivating material.

However, you might want to hit the break on using TikTok’s advertising features. At this point, everything is still at its speculative stage. If you suffer from a bad case of fear of missing out (FOMO), then give it a go. But with a $10 CPC rate, it’s a high price to pay just for experimenting. A large chunk of your budget might go to waste since these features are subject to change as the platform sharpens them. 

TikTok is, no doubt, a fascinating network. However, when it comes to advertising, it’s still very particular. Businesses under specific niches or target Gen-Z and millennials will have better luck using the platform. 

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