Top Secrets That Can Make Your Target Audience Click on Content

Here’s a startling fact: About 60% of people who share your content haven’t seen what it’s all about.

What does this mean for your business?

This means these shares aren’t included as click-through rates. 

It’s your job as a marketer to get people clicking. There are many techniques you can try that will capture a potential reader’s attention.

But before I let you in on my bag of tricks, let me clarify one thing — digital marketing metrics don’t produce the same results. Don’t be distracted by shiny things. For instance, shares seem like a good way to spread brand awareness. However, don’t shove aside the potential of other statistics because oftentimes, shares don’t mean clicks. Without clicks, there aren’t shares.

It’s actually the norm. Some people find the title relatable and just share the content without even bothering to check the whole thing. Even your most loyal followers and social media friends are guilty of doing that.

Basically, my point here is that just because they’re retweeting, regramming, and sharing doesn’t mean you’re getting those coveted clicks. 

You have to see it from other people’s perspectives. Not everyone has the time to read every article showing up on their feed. Even if you simply want to glance at your social media account, you’ll be swarmed with numerous updates and posts. 

This is not news. Content marketing has always been at risk for content shock. Each social media user is faced with colossal information once they open their apps. It’s true that social media is a black hole. A person might think that he or she is consuming a lot of time going over social media posts, but in reality, they barely make a dent. 

Now, tell me if you haven’t shared an article without going over the text. I know I have.

The good news is that you can do something to make your content click-worthy and not just share-worthy.

Producing Content that Gets People Clicking

If you’ve known about what I’ve mentioned above for a long time, what have you been doing to change things up?

You need to make exceptional content that will garner clicks. It sounds matter-of-factly, I know. But this known fact seems oblivious or easy to shrug off. Why do I assume this? Because not a lot of people are taking action. If only 20% of the individuals sharing your content will click on it, imagine how it could potentially drive up your business.


More clicks mean more people joining your email list. In some instances, it can lead to plenty of people discovering your company. When this happens, you have more people asking for demos or taking advantage of complimentary trials. When these individuals like the experience, they’ll likely to become paid customers eventually,

It can happen for you and your business, but not if you sit there and wait for the wind to change. It would help if you were more proactive. I’m giving you simple, but guaranteed effective ways to get your followers clicking. 

  • Be transparent with the headline, image, and brand to give your readers something to work on.

Always consider how your audience thinks. Most people won’t bother clicking if they don’t gain anything insightful in return. More importantly, if everything is too vague, no one will bother checking it out. Basically, you need to telegraph what you are offering them. If the teaser, consisting of headline, brand, and image, isn’t giving off the right message, your target readers will scroll past it. 

It’s immensely challenging to make sure all elements convey your content’s message, especially when you only have about a second to win them over. So, you should put much thought into it. A shadow of unpredictability and your potential clicker would disappear into the social media black hole. You have to show that your content is worth their while.

  • Make your audience feel.

Appealing to your audience’s emotional side works. Hence, posts with cute animals as subjects receive a lot of click-throughs. But it’s not only cuteness that tugs people’s heartstrings, of course. Heart-breaking and heart-warming stories alike gain attention because of all the feels they evoke. This doesn’t only work for blogs, but for social media content, as well. 

Furthermore, using emotional words in your headlines and captions has a psychological pull that your target viewers can’t escape. 

  • Put in more effort when it comes to your visual content.

It may sound like a total cliche, but your picture paints a thousand words. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to it, especially when it comes to social media.

Tweets with images str retweeted 35% more, and articles with strategically placed images receive 94% more views. Of course, you can’t just throw in a bunch of pictures and call it a day. You need to find the best image to get your viewers clicking.

You might be wondering what I mean by “the best image”. I know that this can be quite subjective, but the best image shouldn’t be a stock image and should most definitely be related to the written content. 

  •  Select the right colors.

Aside from visual design, color also influences your prospective readers’ decision to click. Apparently, color has a huge impact on a preliminary judgment. It’s the reason unclick links are blue. Websites used to add links in green or orange, but they discovered that blue worked best. After some time, Google decided to choose a particular shade of blue, one that’s most impactful.

  • Establish rapport with your audience.

In case you don’t know it yet — you need to earn your audience’s trust. Prospects evaluate newly-released content according to your old content. Therefore, if they came across your old material and they weren’t happy about it, there’s a good chance they won’t click on your new content.

It’s just common sense. Why bother wasting more time if they know you can’t come up with content that can tickle their fancy? When it comes to content, you have a lot of competitors. If you skimp out on your content once, it will leave a mark on your viewers. It’ll be like a warning sign that pushes them away the next time they see your content pieces. 

I hate to break it to you — you shouldn’t settle on your material being just great. It needs more pizzaz and attention to detail to make your content marketing effort to survive the competition.

I would say these tips can help improve your click-through rate, but they don’t guarantee it.


Every individual has a specific reaction. Your only goal is to attract your target audience, not the entire population. These tips are excellent, but they aren’t specific. You’ll still need to observe user behavior and evaluate what’s good for your brand. 

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