Efficient Ways to Find Instagram Influencers Right Away

With the number of influencers flocking on Instagram today, it’s hard to choose the best individual to represent your business. Not to worry, I’ve got four smart suggestions to speed up the process for you.

Why Choose Instagram?

Most businesses choose Instagram or IG, as many millennials would call it, to advertise their products and services simply because it’s the best. About 78% of social media influencers use Instagram to collaborate with brands from all over the world since early 2018. 

Not only does it have all the necessary features to support a campaign, but most Instagram users are also looking to engage with their favorite brands on the platform. The platform has the highest interaction rate in contrast with other social media networks. Moreover, it’s home to thousands of influencers that can boost brand awareness for any business in a single post. 

Yes, this new breed of celebrities can strengthen your campaign on Instagram, no matter what niche you are in. By spreading legitimate word-of-mouth content, they invite their audience to tune into your brand. The results are often worth it.

However, the first step is where most businesses struggle. Here are some ways to simplify the process for you:

Be Aware of Your Business Objectives

Don’t just reach out to random A-list influencers. It’s good to factor in the influencer’s engagement rate and quality of followers, but these will all be pointless if you haven’t listed your business goals yet. 

The most critical step is identifying the role of the influence in your campaign. Brainstorm with your colleagues and figure out your goals for conducting influencer advertising, and how you want the influencer of your choice to embody the campaign.

Here are some of the most common objectives: boost brand awareness, enhance a business’ Instagram account, and generate sales.

Of these three, choose which one is of the highest priority at the moment. Suppose you want to boost your Instagram profile. You can tap an influencer to hold contests, asking their followers to use your brand’s hashtag, or follow your account to win. You’ll need an influencer with an active fanbase to pull this off, so include the engagement rate in your requirements list.  

For sales and lead generation, some practical ideas include using affiliate marketing or placing price cut codes. You can’t pick random influencers to represent your campaign. You need someone in the same niche, so you’ll be sure that their followers will appreciate your product. For example, a company that produces sportswear can work with a fitness and lifestyle influencer. 

Check if they Fit your Brand Personality

Once you’ve set your goals for the campaign, assess your top prospects. Their persona should align with your brand identification, or at the very least, the products or services you are offering on the market. Take a travel and tour company, for instance. They can hire an influencer who loves taking trips on a budget to endorse their discounted packages. Imagine if they decided to work with an influencer famous for interior design. The campaign wouldn’t be as productive.

When you target your niche, it’s not going to be a numbers game. You can’t choose influencers based on the number of their followers. Instead, you’ll have to opt for high-quality followers. Even when you get less exposure, it won’t matter. You’ll still get higher success rates. 

Opt for Genuine Engagement.

In 2017, an average Instagram influencer received an engagement rate of about 4.36 percent. Surprisingly, influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers could score an 8 percent interaction rate. Involvement lowers down as the number of followers rises. 

While it’s a useful metric to monitor, it doesn’t really guarantee an increase in conversion. You should first check if the involvement is legit. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Read the comments section.  

You can’t spot a fake influencer from the get-go. One of the best ways to do so is to scrutinize the comment section. Read the comments and watch out for general compliments, like “nice outfit” and “amazing shot.” Random emojis are also red flags. These are signs of phony interaction. You’ll know if the exchange is genuine if they are marked by casual remarks.

  • Keep an eye out on referral responses.

If you want interactive followers, you should look for it in your potential influencer’s comments. Do they share personal anecdotes or tag their friends in the comments? These word-of-mouth interactions are good for your business.

Use Hashtags Wisely 

There are so many reasons to take advantage of hashtags. If you can think of possible brand-related hashtags, it’ll be easier to figure out what type of people your brand attracts. Moreover, you can quickly identify Instagram influencers who are already believers of your brand. If you’re not 100% sure how to go about it, you can use the following tips:

  • Refrain from using high-density hashtags on your search.

High-density hashtags are popular. They’re like SEO keyword phrases. The more used they are, the more challenging for you to stand out. Using such hashtags to look for influencers will not bear any fruit. 

Instead, go for long-tail and reduced density hashtags because the number decreases, allowing you to narrow down your search. For instance, if you type #veganfood, you’ll come across over 21.4million posts. But if you add a location, like #veganfoodnyc, there are only 1,000 plus results. If you want to reduce the results a bit more, choose a more specific area, such as Brooklyn. The hashtag #veganfoodbrooklyn only has over 100 posts. This last one will help refine your search. It’s quicker to spot an influencer in your vicinity this way for vegan food shop owners in Brooklyn.

  • Use hashtags #ads or #sponsored in your search. 

Influencers need to use #ad or #sponsored when posting promotional content, according to Instagram requirements. If you’re prepared to explore the goldmine of influencers these hashtags hold, you can check them out. But here’s a better idea. Take a look at your own followers or your top competitor’s followers to see which of them are using these hashtags on their posts. Some of them may be legit influencers who will be more than willing to team up with you for a project.

  • Select keywords that identify with your target audience and your brand. 

One other way to start your search is by using keywords that represent your brand. Choose tags with plenty of varieties. For instance, if you’re selling booty bands, just type this in the search box, and the results will show you the most recent and trending hashtags. You can add more specifications to narrow down your search.

Take advantage of Influencer Systems.

The first three ways require plenty of time and effort. If you are looking for more instantaneous results, you can utilize an influencer marketing system to locate influencers right away. Some of the top ones are Tam Impact, HYPR, Upfluence, Revfluence, etc. The following are some of the services Influencer Marketing System can offer you.

  • Finding the Right Influencers

When using an Influencer system, all you need to do is input all the specifications to find the best influencer that can live up to your campaign standards. Relevant information includes types of followers (demographics and range) and credentials.

  • Managing the Campaign

For businesses running multiple projects at once, you can manage your campaigns all in one place through most of these platforms. They also enable you to deal with other essential campaign attributes, such as hashtags, influencer payments, graphics, etc. 

  • Analyzing the Campaign Results

To maximize campaign metrics, you need real-time data, which you have access to, thanks to the influencer marketing platform of choice. Here you can find information about current reach, interactions, and sights. You can even perform ROI calculations and URL tracking.

Tips for Choosing the Most Efficient Influencer System for You

  • Choose a system with plenty of high-quality influencers in your niche.
  • Research the available tools at your disposal, especially regarding content production and distribution, reporting, and monitoring.
  • Platforms with an integrated settlement and purchase facilities make transactions go faster.
  • Always read testimonials before signing up.

Influencer platforms are perfect for your next Instagram Influencer hunt. The only issue here is that you should have enough budget to afford it. Overall, though, it’s totally worth it. You save a lot of invaluable resources, such as time and effort. 

Influencer marketing is particularly significant on Instagram. But you’ll need to find the right person for the job. I hope these four ideas can help you find the perfect match for your brand and your Instagram campaign.

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