11 Facebook Marketing Tips to Crush The Competition

To state that everybody is on Facebook wouldn’t be too far from the fact. The platform’s 2 billion users and countless business pages represent the supreme stomping ground for marketers seeking to accentuate their brand names. With its whopping 53% of users claiming to be “always on Facebook,” the platform boasts the wildest user-base of any social network by far.

Although too much attention is given to Facebook, the competition for your prospects’ valuable time and attention is fierce. That’s why online marketers should pay particular attention to how they treat their Facebook existence. It’s often the more subtle elements of your content strategy or page setup that could make the most distinction in your marketing performance.

I’ve described 11 Facebook marketing tips that are fair game for any brands. 

Perfect Your Profile Picture

Given that profile picture represents the first component that followers would look at when interacting with you, imagery is a crucial part of your Facebook strategy.

With 180 × 180 pixels to deal with, brand names need to make every effort to keep their profile pictures simple. Stuffing a ton of text or compressing a massive image into such a small area doesn’t precisely shout “elegant.” On the other hand, tidy company logo designs with a minimalist ambiance likewise work.

If you desire followers to treat you like a pro, you need to look at this part. The takeaway here? Don’t merely slap any old photo on your profile and call it a day. Put some thought into it.

Spice Up Your Cover Photo

Not unlike your profile image, cover photos represent another vital piece of images to possibly “wow” visitors.

Your cover image successfully sets the tone for everything below the fold. In addition to a premium image, cover photos are a prime place for brand mottos and calls-to-action.

You don’t always need to be a graphic designer to attain the same sort of look with your page. Digital marketing tools can help you create a streamlined brand cover in no time.

Recently, Facebook introduced cover videos to grab visitors’ attention. With video lengths ranging from 20 to 90 seconds, while working within the 820 × 312 pixel limitation for covers, there are many options for brands to be creative. Among our list of Facebook marketing suggestions, this function is still reasonably untapped by brand names, so don’t be afraid to experiment accordingly.

Don’t Neglect the Native Videos

Video material marketing and Facebook go hand in hand.

The dominance of video has been a long time coming. Attractive, amusing, and efficient in stopping scrolling users in their tracks, video represents the ideal way to motivate fans to spend more time engaging with your brand.

It’s not as easy as slapping up the occasional YouTube video into your feed, though. Native videos on the platform are preferred by its algorithm and often receive shares and comments. Thus, consider how you can begin including video content into your feed in some way, shape, or type.

Post More Than Just Links

Facebook’s algorithm often feels like sorcery, given that some posts fall flat while others receive crazy amounts of engagement. 

Diversifying your content circulation represents one of the most significant Facebook marketing pointers for brands wanting to appear in their followers’ feeds. For starters, posting exclusively self-promotional content isn’t going to do much to rile up your current followers or drum up brand-new ones. While there’s nothing incorrect with connecting out to your blog or products, external links shouldn’t be the only source of your content.

Conventional wisdom likewise informs us that Facebook chooses posts that stay within their walls. That’s why including solely text-based, picture, or video posts into your feed versus continuously linking out is a wise move.

Take Note of Image Sizes

Facebook makes most of the work for us regarding our pages’ total style and format. However, optimizing the images for your posts, links and previews is on you.

For instance, do you know how your Facebook page looks on desktop versus mobile? Are visitors losing out if they’re visiting you through a smart device?

Like your profile and cover images, social image sizing deserves your attention for your whole Facebook page. Simply put, don’t alter photos or post links on a whim without ensuring they look clean. Once again, it’s all about maintaining that strong impression.

Enhance Your Post Timing

On Facebook, timing is everything. A vital piece of enhancing engagement isn’t always a matter of what you’re publishing, but rather when you’re posting it.

Enhancing your post timing doesn’t need to refer to real-time posting, though. Through social scheduling, you can set up your Facebook to immediately push material throughout peak engagement hours.

Arranging your posts beforehand is a must-do for brand names aiming to tick all packages of what makes a reliable Facebook presence. You can post at the time when your followers are most active and likewise guarantee that you’re diversifying your content output rather than only going with the flow.

Double-Dip Your Facebook Content

Not all Facebook marketing suggestions always apply to the realm of Facebook alone. Brands should take steps to funnel their existing visitors, past consumers, and other social followers on Facebook. Think about your email list and blog site traffic.

The key is discovering opportunities to double-dip your material beyond Facebook. It could be uploading native videos in your posts, promoting any Facebook activities to your other social media accounts, or placing social media buttons on your homepage and throughout your email campaigns.

Considering the large number of time users spend on Facebook, turning your present leads into long-lasting followers must be the ultimate objective of any brand.

Speed Up Your Response Time

Sometimes, standing out among your competitors implies supplying the very best consumer care.

People expect positively from brands, particularly when it comes to reacting to their questions and issues. The average customer anticipates a response from brands within four hours on social media.

So, don’t let your remarks section gather cobwebs. While you can’t be everywhere at the same time, you need to make a conscious effort to react to notifs and alerts instead of sleeping on them. Doing so reveals that you value your followers’ time and distinguish between losing a prospective client for good.

The requirement for faster brand actions signals another reason why social scheduling is so crucial. By having your material sorted out beforehand, you can focus more on follower outreach and engagement versus scrambling for a new post.

Don’t Ignore Your Analytics

As part of putting these Facebook marketing tips into action, make certain that you’re keeping a close eye on your social analytics. Analytics clues you in on which kind of content gets the most clicks and impressions, assisting in optimizing your Facebook strategy regarding the types of posts that drive engagement.

If you discover that you’re spinning your wheels or your audience isn’t growing, it’s time to modify. But up until you look at your existence by the numbers, you’ll never understand.

Try Out New Advertisement Formats

Online marketers benefit from Facebook’s highly-targeted advertisement platform and see substantial returns. Hence, if you haven’t invested some significant time experimenting with Facebook’s ad developer, it would take a long time to see what it needs to offer.

Even if you ran a failed fixed ad a few years ago, it doesn’t mean that you must quit on Facebook advertising. Explore innovative formats such as carousel ads — representing interactive marketing methods to brand-new fans and followers.

From video ads to promoted posts and beyond, Facebook ads manage versatility and features like no other social ad platform out there.

Hone Your Advertisement Targeting

Lastly, optimizing your Facebook ads ultimately comes down to your target market.

Numerous first-timers make the error of trying to run an advertisement that’s way too broad and quickly burning out their budget as a result. Facebook ads allow you to get ultra-granular in terms of targeting place, demographics, and interests. Implying brands can zero in on a particular audience versus choosing a shot in the dark.

In addition to experimenting with new advertisement formats, focusing on your target audience may take a while.

Fine-tuning your Facebook marketing doesn’t necessarily need an entire overhaul of your page. Some marketing tips can be implemented quicker instead of later to enhance your Facebook existence over your competitors rapidly. So, if you want to bid your competitors goodbye, consider my Facebook marketing pointers above. 

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