The Difference Between Display Advertising and Pay Per Click

The way you present your advertisements affect the way it gets perceived by your target audience. If you want to have a thriving advertising strategy, you must choose the best option out of the various ways on how you can present your ads. Among the commonly used ones are PPC ads and Display ads. Let us review what these advertisement types are in this article.

What Are PPC Ads?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. Every time an Internet user or searcher clicks on your link, you will get charged with a fee as an advertiser. In short, you pay for every click made. PPC is also considered as a way of buying people to visit your website. 

PPC has various forms, and its widely utilized tool is the SEA or Search Engine Advertising. SEA allows advertisers to put up an ad placement on search engines. So, when someone searches for a keyword similar to the advertiser’s business, the advertiser’s link would then show up (usually on top) along with the search results. 

Why PPC Ads Cost More Than Display Ads?

PPC ads cost more than Display ads since it is on a “per-click” basis. You pay for every link a user clicks on. Meanwhile, for display advertising, it may only cost you $0.50, and you don’t have to pay every single person who gets to view your advertisement.

For instance, if a thousand marketers want to market their products and services whenever the keyword “blue bag” is being looked up, then the rate would be more expensive since there is an existing high demand while the supply is low. If the same number of marketers opted for a display ad of its blue bags on various websites, the fees would be lower since there is lesser demand.

What Are Display Ads?

The use of display ads is common in websites and social media platforms, which encourages Internet users to take a specific action. Such advertisements usually contain texts, images, or videos that allow users to click through it and immediately lead them to a landing page. Upon landing on the site, users are free to take any action, which is often to make a purchase.

Display ads are charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, meaning, every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you will be charged with a fee based on your overall bidding strategy.

This type of advertising is also effective for retargeting campaigns, which occur when advertisements are displayed to users who already visited a specific website. Your display ad “retargets” your page visitors, encourages them to revisit and make or repeat the same action, which is to avail of your products or services.

Choosing the Best Ad for Your Business

Every business has various and unique marketing needs. It depends on you, the business owner, to determine which kind of advertising technique will help your business grow and succeed. You may need a PPC campaign alone, a display ad campaign, or a combination of the two depending on your marketing strategy.

If you think that you should invest in your business’ branding and networking, then the use of display ads will be advantageous as it can answer such needs. Meanwhile, if your business solely wants to focus on offering its products and services to a specific audience, then maybe having a PPC ad campaign will work well on your end.

Whether you are a startup business owner or an established one, knowing your advertisement needs will always be tough. With all the choices you have at your disposal, it is possible to get lost. With one wrong move and method used, you can already get one step closer to ruining the growth and success of your business. 

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