12 Types of Content Ideas to Kickstart Your Online Advertising Campaign

What types of creative content are effective in advertising?

There’s a reason more and more businesses are shifting to online advertising from traditional advertising. 

Content marketing is one of the most effective modes of advertising done online as it can create up to three times more leads than the long-established method. It only makes sense that if you’re aiming to yield more revenue and leads, you need to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). While achieving that goal requires a lot of work, creating valuable content tops the list. 

It seems like a no-brainer, but when you begin to tackle the task, you’ll soon realize it’s not a walk in the park. For one, you need to know what type of content your audience will appreciate. Creative content is available in various forms. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of how each one can bring you closer to your business goals.

Here are 13 ideas you can try to smarten up your content advertising:


The first one on the list is the classic. Internet users linger on a specific website whenever they enjoy reading something on it. What better way to serve them what they want other than providing fresh, high-quality content pieces? By having a blog, you can do a lot of things, such as share industry news, offer tips and tricks, and, best of all, update your followers about your business.   

Aside from these practical reasons, there is so much more to blogging than meets the eye. Through blogging, you can rank higher on search engines because it’s easier to position more keywords on your website. Having a blog also establishes you as a thought leader and industry authority, gaining more popularity points from your clients and customers.

2. Ebooks and other long-form content pieces

Providing free gifts in the form of guides, Ebooks, and other types of long-form content is likely to drive traffic to your website. Your readers and viewers will appreciate your effort in providing them assistance related to your service. 

But that’s not the best part. Giving away free digital books would mean that your web visitors must present you with their email addresses. Otherwise, you can’t send them the copy, right? This works to your advantage because it allows you to grow your email list organically.

3. Visual content

This is a lengthy topic, so I have split them into three subtopics: images, videos, and infographics. 


Interesting Fact #1: Content pieces with visual images receive 94% viewership that plain and boring text-only pieces. 

Who can blame the readers? It’s hard to get through walls of text; it’s bound to make your audience bounce. If you’re looking for ways to improve your content game and be more relatable for your readers, you need to add some pictures to your articles. 

You might find it too pricey to hire digital photographers for a short content piece. Well, you don’t really have to. Raw and unedited easy photos of your office, team, and your products will suffice. After all, these images make your brand unique and more approachable for your target audience. Also, there are some websites, such as Unsplash, that offer free images at your disposal.


Interesting Fact #2: Folks online are ten times more likely to watch video clips than read long texts. 

Video marketing does a swell job in improving brand interaction, but did you know it’s also useful in converting viewers to customers? That’s how powerful this web content approach is. It increases engagement while giving your target audience a glimpse of what your items and services have in store for anyone who intends to avail of them. Websites that include video clip content are highly likely to rank on top of Google search engine results.

Many businesses can attest to its prowess. By simply attaching video clips on landing pages, there’s a surge of up to 80 percent in conversions. Safe to say, it’s a real money-maker. You might need to put in more effort than images, but the return of investment sure is worth the extra mile. Moreover, once you’ve come up with a video, there are so many ways you can take advantage of them. One of the most notable ones is publishing them on your social media pages for more reach.


Interesting Fact #3: 65% of people are visual learners, meaning they prefer images and graphics when processing ideas and thoughts. 

Infographics have a way of easing information into someone’s subconscious. They’re a lot more snackable and more fun than text-only blogs. They can increase interaction because they’re easier to share. 

Moreover, since infographics are more understandable, people are likely to take action once they have recognized the value your business can impact on them. 

4. Webinars

Webinars are still not a common practice. But most brands that know how to conduct webinars can agree — this type of content generates premium leads while also boosting brand awareness.

Webinars also simplify how your product or service works. Therefore, they don’t only create high-quality leads, they also provide value to your existing audience. 

Besides holding webinars to showcase your brand, you can also have an industry thought leader to co-host your webinar. It’s a guaranteed way to improve your reach since your co-host influencer can also urge his or her followers to tune in. 

There’s also the possibility that people who enjoyed the webinar will share it with other people.

The big bonus is that you get to position yourself as an industry authority. Therefore, your existing and potential customers will trust your brand more.

5. Podcasts

Did you know that about 21% of American adults listen to at least one podcast a month? That doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s almost 70 million potential customers right there. If that doesn’t entice you to start a podcast for your business, I don’t know what will. 

Similar to webinars, podcasts demonstrate your expertise and help you achieve top-of-mind awareness amongst your target audience

6. Interview and Question and Answer (Q&A)

Both articles about Q&A and Interview can display your knowledge and address common concerns your audience has. Q&A questions can also help improve your visibility online. The items can become featured snippets that effectively increase organic results. 

You can also increase interaction by asking your followers to send in some questions for your articles and interviews. 

7. Live chat

Thanks to modern-day technology, you can provide real-time communication to your audience in the form of live chat.

Live chat comes in really handy since almost 80% of individuals prepare a brand that offers instant results and solutions as they shop online. Ecommerce stores benefit a lot from employing live chat features.

Real-time interaction allows you to form a stronger connection with your customers, which can help you get more details about them that can be relevant to growing your business.

8. Social Media Posts

Most people start their day checking their social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, why not make full use of that audience? You can promote your new web blog posts on your social media channels apart from giving business updates to your existing followers.

Expanding your reach is also made possible, thanks to free and paid ads. It’s important to input the right target demographics before posting your content. Just ensure that you only post top-quality content. The more engaging your posts are, the more effective your campaign will be. 

It’s not easy coming up with fresh content regularly. Thankfully, you can reuse web content for your social media platforms. Photos from an old blog with a note-worthy caption can have your blog content emerging as new and gaining more visitors from it without exerting too much effort. 

Social media networks allow brands to strengthen their relationship with their current followers while growing their following. 

9.Case studies

If you ask me, case studies should be the norm. Businesses that believe their brands have what it takes to succeed should bank on case studies, which will serve as a confirmation of their reputation. 

We still live in a world where people trust other people’s judgment. The case of fear of missing out (FOMO) is deeply embedded in our culture. If your company is receiving great reviews and testimonials, it’s high time you conduct case studies. Quality ads have nothing on word of mouth. You’ll be surprised at how many inquiries you’ll receive when you have plenty of people voicing out their positive experience with your brand. 

10. User-generated web content

Besides case studies, another way to show potential clients that your brand is credible is by sharing user-generating content. Not only will it give you a day-off from brainstorming, you’ll also be giving your loyal followers some credit, which can heighten their loyalty to your brand. 

As I have mentioned earlier, word of mouth advertising is twice more effective than paid ads and will cost you nothing but time! In some cases, you might feel compelled to provide incentives for the best user-generated web content, but nothing that will break the bank. Discounts and free merch are more than enough for your followers. Most of them are only after being recognized by their favorite brand. 

Just make sure that when you properly scrutinize web content your followers produce. Your chosen posts should align with your company’s branding and values and resonate with most of your followers. 

11. Newsletters

Once you’ve assembled your email list, it’s easier to create various e-newsletters to send out. You don’t have to create content daily. It’s enough to send material weekly or monthly. Some brands even send out email blasts every quarter. These emails are crucial to maintaining your relationship and building rapport with your customers. 

The goal of sending e-newsletters is to keep your customers updated and remind them of your offers and services. It’s also a great way to share little nuggets of wisdom that will draw you closer to your audience and keep them entertained. 

12. Research

When you publish your own research, there’s no doubt your audience will see your brand as trustworthy. You’ll also be positioning your brand as a thought-leader. Other brands can credit you for your research; thereby, strengthening your online presence. 

It’s not easy to come up with one. What you need to do is understand your industry and dig deeper. What are the common problems your target population face? How about your industry? Pinpoint the areas where you can help out. One of the most fail-safe research articles involves discussing statistics and conducting surveys to understand the market you’re in. 

If you want to earn a good reputation, original data and research can give you the credibility you’re after.

These 12 types of creative content ideas can help along with your content marketing game. With the right mix and match, you will fire up your advertising strategy.

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