Why are Small Businesses Harnessing the Power of Instagram?

Instagram is more than flat lays, street fashion, and sceneries. Yes, most people display their design choices through the online platform from interior design to the type of kitchen towel they use at home.

Every little thing with aesthetic value has become a sitting target for Instagram users. Individuals have become involved in curating their feeds. Photography has transformed into a new medium for communication. 

Why is that?

Instagram has provided the world with an opportunity to observe how humans interact. The social media platform paved the way to a whole new perspective. You get to express your individuality while freely sharing your viewpoint with the world.

The platform also gives the users to share what they see and enhance them with the beauty of filters and built-in editing tools. 

This is perhaps the most accurate reason small business owners take advantage of Instagram.

The social media platform provides start-ups and local businesses a chance to display their products and services without having to hire professionals and financing expensive equipment for their advertisements. 

The results are always enticing and raw, something that potential customers and clients appreciate from Instagram. There is nothing pretentious and forced like expensive ads that big brands produce. 

You get to produce fascinating content sans photographers and expensive editing software (which you will also need to hire another professional for) along with other tools. Through the platform alone, you can market your products. This eliminates the need for advertisers and marketers. Basically, you can spread brand awareness and showcase your goods for free, if you are creative.

All you need is your smartphone, your creative juices, and throw in the filters too. The key to marketing on Instagram is to be approachable and relatable. 

Don’t get me wrong. Like all social media networks, Instagram also has its fair share of la di das and chi chis. You can find girls showing off their new clothes, men uploading fitness content, and just about everyone posting what they had for lunch. 

But beneath this muddled surface, small businesses can use the platform to push their business forward and let others know what they are about. In fact, Instagram users often think well of businesses that can connect to their target market, which is why behind-the-scenes posts almost always receive positive feedback.

An incredibly efficient Instagram feature worth taking advantage of is the ability to publish a post in one swift motion. Once you decide to upload content to your account, you can also share it with other websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and many more. There is no need to deal with them, one by one. As a small business owner, the gift of time means a lot, as well as the resulting passive recognition.

The Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are available on Facebook, but they serve barely a fourth of the purpose they do on Instagram. As a local business owner, you could utilize hashtags (as you on Twitter) can bring you plenty of benefits. First, using a hashtag allows you to reach out to other local businesses, opening the doors for potential partnerships. 

Next, it also lets you target potential customers. If you add a hashtag that your audience usually visits, they will come across your page. You gain traction this way. If you play your cards right, these organic followers will soon become your customers.  Moreover, you could stick out from the crowd through hashtags. You can build your identity through it, so you won’t get lost in the sea of small businesses in your niche.

Using the platform to introduce your business is now second-nature to any aspiring businessmen. It seems like riding the social media fame is the most cost-effective way of business expansion and brand recognition.

Small business owners have no reason not to be on Instagram. After all, the platform has all the advantages you can leverage to make a better name for your company while also connecting with your customers and target market.

Harness the power of this platform by developing a solid and attention-worthy profile. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out. Of course, you will need to gain an understanding of how social media, especially Instagram,  works, you will open a world of opportunities for your business.

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