The Best Length for A YouTube Video

Wondering how your video lengths are impacting your views? Allow me to fill you in with some facts.

There are two kinds of YouTubers: the starters and the verified. The starters are those who post videos with the hope of getting thousands of audiences and millions of dollars. They’re working triple to gain a wider audience and eventually become verified. 

However, once you’re a verified YouTuber, you’re no longer restricted to submitting videos under 15 minutes. You finally have the liberty to do what you want with the technicalities and content of your videos. But, like everything else, alongside this freedom comes great uncertainty. 

Once you search for more data about YouTube, the majority of the statistical findings will tell you that the most popular YouTube videos have something to do with its 3-minute length. So you try to adapt the notion that you should produce 3-minute long videos, right? Wrong.

The top 50 YouTube videos are 3 minutes long because 90% of them are music videos. This is excellent news, but there’s more that you should know.

The Optimal YouTube Video Length

You want to know the reality about YouTube video length, and the unfortunate truth is, there’s no optimal video length that anybody can prescribe to you.

Each channel is different, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Your video topics are different: some subjects can be covered in a short time, other matters can’t.
  • Video styles are different: short and snappy or relaxing and whimsical — the styles aren’t all going to be the same.
  • Your video topic is different: one video might be a rambling Q&A to open up to your audience, while another might be a lookbook. They don’t have the same topic nor the same optimal video length.
  • Your audience is different: some individuals enjoy relaxing with a 30-minute video, others don’t have time—your audience’s preferences matter.
  • Entertainment devices are different: if your audience generally uses their cell phone to view videos, they may not wish to watch longer videos as those who enjoy them on their desktop.
  • You are different: some creators love to film long videos, others find them uninteresting. You’re required to produce content that you want to watch.

Here are a few statistics and ideas about optimal video lengths to soothe your qualms:

  • On average, the first page YouTube videos are about 15 minutes long.
  • Most beauty videos are 5-10 minutes long.
  • TED Talks say the perfect length is 10-18 minutes to avoid losing users’ attention.
  • The typical video length of the top 10 YouTube videos is about 3 minutes.

Nobody can declare the perfect video length because it depends on the audience, person, content, and verification. The secret is to discover the length that works for your viewers. You need to use your analytics to see what your subscribers prefer.

While you’re still figuring this out, it pays to ensure that you’re getting your message across in the perfect time. Put the most crucial call-to-action buttons and information at the start of your video, and constantly monitor your analytics so you can see where the drop-off points are and what is causing them.

Finally, instead of asking “what the ideal video length is,” ask “how long does my video need to be” and measure from there.

Taking this course suggests tons of hard work, a lot of testing, and a great deal of analysis. This doesn’t sound enjoyable, and that’s completely understandable. But the truth of the matter is there are aspects in every task that aren’t super enjoyable at times but would often yield sweet fruits. So, if you plan to start, waste no time, and keep going.

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