10 Marketing Tips to Help Launch Your TikTok Campaign Successfully

Everybody has a soft spot for that new song trend or doesn’t hesitate to get up and get groovin’ to chart-topping hits. For this reason, many brands see TikTok as an opportunity to advertise and raise money in exchange for the total views of their recently uploaded videos. 

Even before the covid-19 pandemic, TikTok has been the most popular app internationally. However, it intensified during the quarantine period due to its captivating and exciting nature. Creating a TikTok video generally takes a minute or two to upload, depending on the length. Therefore, it’s fuss-free and a perfect way to combat cabin fever.

TikTok provides access to the songs and dance challenges for the users to interact, duet, and entertain themselves and their audience. There are plenty of categories to choose from at the beginning of the app setup, but it’s possible to change preferences as you go further in using the app. Moreover, you can follow, like, comment, and share videos with other TikTok users from all over the world.

As a business owner, tapping into TikTok’s potential can be the big break you’re looking for. TikTok’s viral quality can help brands improve recognition and engagement. 

Tips to Follow Before You Upload Your Next TikTok Clip 

Not going to lie; everybody else is on their phones 24/7 trying to beat the boredom, so there’s a real chance for them to come across your ad.  However, you can’t guarantee they’ll act on what they see. The following tips serve as a call to action for your target audience to share and comment on your content.

1.Come Up With Appropriate Hashtags

Just like any other form of social media, TikTok hashtags make your clips become trending. Adding hashtags to your content lets the viewers see related videos. Users can see the latest trends on the “Discover” tab at the bottom of the screen. All the sorted hashtags are in place and will pop up by subject. 

There are several advantages of using TikTok hashtags, such as enhancing the reach of your content and account, recognizing other competitors, and getting even more fans, and increasing your followers.

Although hashtags can publicize your videos, you should be very careful of integrating generic hashtags or mainstream hashtags. Your videos can go down the abyss of categories, and it will hinder your purpose of advertising your content. Instead, incorporate your videos with fresh hashtag ideas, and avoid focusing on what is already trending. #SomethingFresh #PublicizeYourContent

2. Engage with Your Audience, But Comment on Other Posts Too 

Complimenting someone else’s video on TikTok can get you far. TikTok supports frequent user interaction, so investing time to watch and comment on other people’s posts is highly encouraged.

Moreover, there’s a hidden advantage to it. It’s an excellent avenue to interact with other users, not only your current fans, meaning it’s a method to outsource new consumers. 

Posting a video on TikTok will gain a number of likes and comments or even a handful of shares. As someone who advertises, this can reach many users who might turn into your followers as well. 

3. Discover What’s Trending on TikTok 

Watch out for the most recent and trending hashtags and challenges. TikTok videos have an enormous potential to go viral. If you’re up to it, you can try your hand at the latest TikTok challenges. For innovators, maybe you can fire up a new challenge of your own.

Trends come and go, and they follow such a rapid pace. You must be ready at all times so that you won’t miss anything. Making your version makes you relevant, but it doesn’t put you on the map. Besides putting a spin on the existing viral videos, you must create your own trending videos to be recognized. 

4. Post Regularly to Stay Relevant

You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind?” Maintaining your feed on TikTok or other social platforms should be at the top of your priorities. Frequent posting is the secret to achieving and maintaining your follower count. 

When you post regularly, you’ll attract more followers. It also retains the followers you already have by exciting them and keeping them entertained. However, you need to draw the line between regular posting and spamming. If you don’t play your cards right, you’ll turn your followers off and lose some of them as you go.

5. Maximize TikTok Video Effects in Your Content

Don’t be boring. Many brands use TikTok to unleash their creativity and allow their followers to see their fun side. You can choose from various effects or filters to beautify and make your videos a lot cooler. Just go to the “Effects” tab, and choose between Trending, Beauty, New, Funny, Interactive, Editing, Animal, or World.

TikTok also provides you more freedom to display your ingenuity (or madness!) using a green screen effect. Simply replace the video background with the image of your choice and hit the record button.

6. Provide Clear Descriptions, Not Just Fun Videos 

Crafting clear descriptions of your videos is a vital key to good interaction. It enhances internet visibility, whether on Google or various social media networks. 

Include the main keywords in the descriptions so that the viewers can grasp what your video is about. By doing so, you also weed out viewers that are not part of your target audience. 

Link your TikTok videos to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat to make the ephemeral content piece last longer. 


Always consider whether your videos are appropriate for your target audience on TikTok. You have to find the right balance between enticing and relatable. Making it simple can be a little risky and boring, but overdoing it might also make the viewers skip your video. Creating an impression with your videos can engage many viewers to watch it and even compliment it. 

7. Start a Hashtag Challenge

One sign of a successful business is how it encourages other people to try it for themselves. By doing so, you form a strong bond between your products or services and your consumers. 

Sponsored hashtags are common on TikTok, especially with brands. They function as a means to spread brand awareness and increase customer engagement. The challenges are done by individuals who wish to participate. The reason hashtag challenges work is that it allows followers to interact and get involved with their favorite brand, which is favorable in strengthening the latter’s campaign. 

8. Look for TikTok Influencers to Boost Your Campaign

Admit it, celebrities and influencers give off a sense of authority that brands want a slice of! Collaboration is a working practice that allows individuals to work together in achieving a common purpose or business benefit. 

Forming a partnership with a well-known TikTok influencer guarantees access to an immense number of viewers that can be converted into followers. Having these new-age celebrities at your disposal can take your advertising to a whole new level. 

9. Integrate Branded Content

Balancing the type of content you share on TikTok helps avoid the decrease of daily followers. The right balance of educational and entertaining videos is a significant step to integrate a number of your potential customers. If you’ve managed to attract new people by trying out this process, you’ll be able to pull off posting advertising videos without coming off as pushy. Make sure to maintain the social line to depict a clear picture of a booming market. 

10. Take Advantage of TikTok Ads

TikTok has a formal advertising system, divided into three types: In-feed native ads are closest to a standard ad that can be found while browsing on TikTok. You can add site links and Order Now buttons on the advertisement. They are skippable ads, and you can use them in numerous ways. 

Hashtag challenge ads appear as a banner ad that takes the customer to a page of the Challenge’s instructions and rules. You can use it to target particular users.

Brand takeover ads redirect a user to a hashtag challenge or a landing page but are presented as video clips, images, etc.

It would help if you had a good grasp of how TikTok Ads work because they can set your advertising budget back a fortune. It’s advisable to test the waters first since TikTok ads are still at their infancy stage. 

Just like how an ordinary person ignores reading TikTok’s Terms and Conditions Agreement, your advertisements will be no exception to skipping. To avoid this, show people using your product and give their honest review of the product. You can also offer tips and tricks on using your product and providing other similar, purposeful content.

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