Guide to An Effective TikTok Marketing Campaign

TikTok exploded from out of nowhere to become one of the most downloaded apps worldwide. It’s commonly known as Douyin in China, while the app remains TikTok in the rest of the world. The application emerged as a successful video-sharing platform. With its success, it isn’t a surprise that online marketers have begun to see the capacity and effectiveness of TikTok marketing. 

Hence, if you want to know more about TikTok marketing, take note of these possible ways wherein companies can make the most of the platform and its varied audience.

What is TikTok?

TikTok motivates its users to upload short videos. In most of its–the former name of the application–users published videos of themselves lip-syncing to music. The more talented, enthusiastic, and technically competent members posted videos of their material, who eventually ended up as influencers.

Most TikTok videos are around 15-seconds long, although you can create and share 60-second Story-type videos. TikTok and both targeted the same audience — teenagers and tweens. For that reason, it’s not a surprise that the combined TikTok also focuses on 13-24 year-olds.

Something that changed with the platform’s development in its appeal is the increased number of variety in the kinds of videos people share. They’re no longer just about music. Comedians performing stand-up routines, skateboarders showcasing their abilities, pranksters, dancers, fashion enthusiasts, budding beauty consultants, and craft fans — all take the opportunity to share videos showing their skill. Currently, we’re even seeing individuals sharing videos about them using their preferred products.

On a different note, not all TikTok users have the confidence, commitment, or abilities to develop videos. Just as many YouTube viewers are lurkers, merely looking for relevant content to take in, quite a few TikTok users also take a more passive attitude towards utilizing the app.

Furthermore, TikTokers don’t even need to follow anybody. They can open their app, go to their Discover page, and begin playing videos that they find entertaining. They can even look for videos on preferred subjects by using pertinent hashtags.

With time, though, a lot of TikTok users began to focus on specific kinds of videos. They’re likely to subscribe to channels that routinely share their video preferences. 

How Many Users Does TikTok Have?

Probably the most significant impediment to TikTok’s marketing success is that many online marketers older than 30 have never heard of the platform. However, it has reached international news a few times lately because of issues regarding its safety for the underage population. 

The application reached its height in early April when India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ordered the elimination of TikTok from app stores, after a High Court in Madras stated the app was encouraging porn and other illicit content. However, the restriction was temporary. The court raised it on April 22, after TikTok carefully inspected its material, removing over 6 million videos that breached its terms of use and community guidelines.

That issue aside, TikTok has grown significantly over the past few years. The app was one of the most downloaded iOS and Android apps in 2018. In general, TikTok ranked 3rd worldwide in November 2018.

TikTok celebrated over 1.1 billion installs as of March 2019. Users downloaded it more than 600 million times in 2018 alone, with an additional 188 million downloads during Q1 2019. Moreover, more than 500 million individuals globally use TikTok monthly. The short-term Indian ban must’ve been a genuine concern to TikTok’s management, as 43% of its international users come from India (keeping in mind that these figures leave out the Chinese users of Douyin).

With this whopping number of users, many companies and brands have seen the potential of TikTok marketing and the possible effect it would have on them.

How Can Brands Maximize TikTok Marketing?

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the ways to utilize TikTok marketing:

  • Brands can make their business channels and post video ads on the platform.
  • Brands can collaborate with influencers to reach a wider audience.
  • Brands can pay to advertise on TikTok, either through in-house promotions or influencer marketing.

Numerous brand names do a combination of running their channels and dealing with influencers to spread out content to a more extensive audience. 

Here are more specific ideas you could incorporate if you plan on diving to TikTok marketing:

Hashtag Challenges

Challenges are a necessary function of TikTok’s community. TikTok users enjoy taking up a challenge and uploading their own versions. Normally, TikTok challenges are given a hashtag label so users can easily find and remember them.

Brand names can also motivate #hashtag challenges on TikTok. However, if your brand’s channel isn’t popular on TikTok yet, the best thing to do is get an influencer to kickstart your challenge. Once your campaign is launched on TikTok, people can take part in just a few clicks.

User-Generated Content

The UGC is a type of marketing strategy wherein brands may maximize their TikTok channels or collaborate with influencers to encourage the audience to create user-generated material supporting the brand.

Generation Z enjoys the full immersive experience. That’s why they don’t sit in the house enjoying traditional TV– it’s too much of a passive experience. Generation Z far prefers to be involved in some way. If you can discover a method to encourage your clients to share videos of themselves utilizing or communicating with your products, you’re most likely to get a high buy-in. 

Chinese restaurant Haidilao found this with a Do It Yourself option on their menu. Customers who chose the DIY menu item created their own unique off-menu dish and documented their experience. Being Chinese-based, Haidilao motivated their clients to share their videos on Douyin.

As soon as a couple of customers uploaded their culinary efforts, others flocked to the dining establishment so they could also create their meal and video. Eventually, more than 15,000 individuals requested the DIY option; 2,000 ultimately published videos of their developments, and 50 million individuals viewed the videos. If the Chinese restaurant could do it, so could you!

Traditional Influencer Marketing

If you haven’t noticed, most of the marketing strategies applied to other video platforms work well with TikTok. If your item fits an influencer’s audience, your TikTok marketing will succeed. Trust your influencers to develop the material– they know what their followers like.

As always, the secret to influencer marketing success is setting appropriate objectives, targeting a specific part of the purchase funnel. In addition to this, the influencer should continue to build rapport with their audience and stay genuine for Tiktok marketing to be effective. 

In TikTok influencer marketing, brands motivate influencers to create videos of them wearing or using the sponsor’s product. Put in mind that this will only work if the influencer is someone who would actually use your product. There’s little value attempting to motivate an influencer to promote an item that they don’t even use. Hence, you haven’t heard of influencers who advertise retirement homes or hearing aids because they don’t make use of these things; well, at least not yet. 

Another aspect to keep in mind if you want to embark on TikTok marketing is that its young consumer base is far less thinking about flashy camerawork and high video production value. You need to trust your influencers to produce their videos their way– even if they look unskilled to a marketer’s eye. TikTokers are interested in creativity and fun, rather than the quality of your videos.

TikTok Advertising

TikTok has begun introducing advertising tools over the past few years but hasn’t established any formal profit-sharing system yet. However, they’re getting closer to the point where more people will be able to market on the platform. 

They began showing short ads in January 2019. They produced an advertising pitch deck in late 2018, providing an indicator of the kinds of advertisements that could eventually be offered to brand names on 

All in all, TikTok is meant to be a place of spontaneous fun. The best technique is to work with younger audiences and suitable influencers. Create fun and engaging content that provides your target audience an escape from the day-to-day life and into a work of dance, music, and fun.

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