How-To: Customer Acquisition Using Social Media

New customer acquisition was quite challenging in the old days of marketing. After investing months and pouring as much creativity and research into a project, all marketers could do was hope that their audiences would ultimately see their tv commercials, highway billboards, or magazine ads.

The internet — specifically the social media sites — have forever altered customer acquisition. Whoever your optimal customers are, the chances that they are on social networks are incredibly high. This includes 24-45-year-old adults from the USA who use Facebook and YouTube (68% and 73% respectively) and 18-24-year-olds that utilize Instagram and Snapchat (71% and 78% respectively).

With technology and the internet advancement, today’s marketing professionals can already use audience data to determine the clients they wish to acquire. This comes with precision and a calculated mix of social networking platforms that involve direct audiences while feeding them customized and pertinent marketing materials. If you are interested in using social media for customer acquisition and to your business’ advantage, follow these important points.

1. Pay attention to your target audiences.

Knowing who your target audiences are is one of the most important things to keep in mind. You need to get more information regarding your target customers, so you know which strategies to apply to gain their trust. By following real users in your target audience, you can obtain useful feedback from your target customers’ genuine conversations. It can help you understand why consumers feel the way they do regarding your brand name and products — which can improve your social media marketing and customer acquisition strategies. 

2. Involve your target market with your content.

You want to let them know that they play a significant role in your business. Paying attention to and discovering the consumers you wish to gain allows you to gather valuable information. Insights derived from this information can be useful for your client acquisition campaign methods.

As you develop your social media campaigns, keep these essential techniques in mind:

  • Produce high-grade and unique visual content to your social media sites and web pages. It might consist of photos as well as video clips that tell your brand story.
  • Develop a one-of-a-kind content (like video clips, polls, or interactive Instagram stories) to influence interaction with your social ads. Polls and interactive stories are the best way to engage your consumers.
  • Riff-off current memes — or perhaps launch a branded meme account — if it’s a logical fit for your brand. 
  • Team up with on-brand social media influencers to promote your content and enhance your message. With their huge fan base, these influencers can affect your brand in ways you have never imagined.
  • Invest in building a tailored customer service presence to address better the demands of both present and potential customers in real-time.

3. Create opportunities to shop.

In addition to producing social media content that drives brand awareness, certain types of material can directly and promptly drive conversion.

Online shopping is the trend! For instance, on Facebook, you can include a shop section to your page and tag items from your Facebook store in the images and videos that you upload. When customers click on those items inside your articles, they’ll be redirected to the item page in your Facebook store to buy.

Instagram is also home to shoppable content. Similar to Facebook, you can identify items from your online shop — and even your Facebook shop — in an Instagram post or story. Again, bringing new customers right to the product page to make a purchase. A fraction of people prefers online shopping because they can shop anytime, anywhere. 

4. Measure and fine-tune campaigns in real-time.

Previously, when a campaign was introduced, its fate was out of the marketing group’s hands. Businesses occasionally waited weeks, if not months, for unclear metrics to roll concerning the influence of their projects.

Now, marketers know just how social media campaigns perform in real-time and have the devices to respond quickly to target market feedback. With analytic tools (available on many platforms), you can clearly see a campaign’s impact and success throughout multiple networks, including how a single consumer’s trip unfolds on those channels. These tools also enable you to engage with and react to private customers straight with social media. That’s how social networking sites brought business to a whole new level.

5. Be visible and available.

The more visible you are online, the more audience you would attract. Simply, online visibility accounts for the ease with which your possible audience can find your company and products online.

However, being visible but unavailable is completely useless. Most consumers want to shop in an available online company, wherein they could ask questions regarding the products and get instant replies. They want you to be there at the time they need you the most. 

6. Encourage recommendations and ratings.

Most, if not all, people require proof and ratings from previous buyers before placing their orders. 

According to Neilsen Harris’ 2016 national poll, 80% of American buyers look for recommendations and ratings before making a purchase. Recommendations and ratings serve as a guarantee to your clients that the products they are getting are worth every single penny. 

Social media influencers can greatly influence your buyers, so encourage them to review and rate your products accordingly. These recommendations and ratings are a powerful force in e-commerce. 

Make sure to ask for honest testimonials from your customers and have them posted on your social media pages. Add authentic photos and videos from your happy customers to attract and build trust with other possible consumers.

The advent of electronic devices makes customer acquisition more exact and capable than ever. When you pay attention to your target market on social sites, you can learn what engages and reverberates with them most. Furthermore, by integrating opportunities to shop seamlessly into your social media content, you can obtain new clients anytime, anywhere, and when they’re making purchase decisions. Having the ability to measure and improve campaigns in real-time may also help you adjust messaging and create content based on client demands, thus saving you from ineffective marketing campaigns and strategies. Finally, be available for your clients and make sure to post real testimonials to attract more prospects. 

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