Five Golden Nuggets of Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat first made waves in 2012. In an instant, it took the world by storm, significantly since tons of celebrities jumped on board. It seems like another teenage trend that would dissipate as quickly as it came for the untrained eye. For marketing professionals, however, they see it as an opportunity to spread brand awareness and recognition.

And boy, fast forward 8 years later, Snapchat has accumulated over 218 million users, a huge number that should not go unnoticed. The platform itself is known for its most talked about IPOS. Suffice it to say, Snapchat is not going away anytime soon.

Snap, Inc claimed that their platform users are active, spending about 25 to 30 minutes a day on it. Snapchat made a name for itself by creating its niche in the social media world, something that the top social media networks have missed. 

For plenty of businesses, using social media is essential to increase engagement. Snapchat has given them plenty of opportunities they can’t find elsewhere. Through this platform, you can engage employees, hire new people, and provide a unique marketing approach to the masses.

Snapchat and Its Many facets

Snapchat users have always gotten a kick out of the many filters the platform offers. Advertisers and marketers soon realized that the app could provide as much flexibility as its diverse filter options. 

Marketing directly to consumers seems like the most logical option to get the ball rolling. It is one of the central business functions of the platform. But, did you know that Snapchat can also improve communications inside the workplace? More than that, Snapchat also plays a role in recruitment. 

Don’t expect to use the same features you use in marketing to tell your staff that their holiday bonus will be delayed for a week or so. A 10second snap screams unprofessional. However, you can make small announcements like giving recognition to top performers, notifying staff about company events and incoming birthdays, and giving shout outs to new hires. 

According to Jody Ordiony, Brandemix president, using Snapchat to provide news about company life can boost staff engagement. Plus, you feel more confident that you have their attention, as opposed to emails.

Cisco, on the other hand, has a Snapchat channel of staff posts. It showcases how fun and exciting working in their office is, which can be very powerful when landing prospects. The staff members can access the channel and post as they please, serving the audience some realness. It gives onlookers a glimpse into life in the office, celebrations, and so much more. Through this profile, Cisco found out that more than 70 percent of their fanbase watched their stories all the way through, and that over 5 million minutes worth of content was consumed. All in all, it has been a successful project for the company.

You’ll be happy to find out that here, oversaturation is not an issue. Some businesses refuse to jump on board to promote their services and products on Snapchat. It seems pointless to take it on now that everyone is already doing it. Snapchat’s young fanbase confirms that it is a suitable platform to promote your business and reinforce your brand. 

Five Ways to Improve Your Business Through Snapchat

Snapchat is very versatile, but so many companies seem to have trouble figuring out where to begin. Here are five simple steps you can take to help your business maximize its Snapchat potential.

1. Post straight from the shoulder content.

Customized content is costly and, to be honest, also ineffective. Snapchat users are all after real-life content. They don’t care for ads with plenty of bells and whistles. Save that for billboards or TV commercials. 

Tag your staff members to post content directly to the feed. You could also hire a social media manager to capture videos to share. Famous brands are posting 13 stories every month. Each story consists of about 11 Snaps. Based on Snaplytics, getting fastidious about your content production won’t get you anywhere. 

Cisco’s director for culture and global company branding, Macy Andrews, claimed that she predicted that allowing employees to handle the business’ Snapchat account was a risky move. Still, she knew it’s a necessary measure to ensure the quality of their snaps. Employee-generated snaps give off an absolute authenticity, which is hard to replicate. Furthermore, she stated that they banked on the platform’s goofiness and that orchestrating a marketing campaign won’t be effective. When they decided to add Snapchat to their marketing efforts, they allowed employees to take over.

2. Expand your fan base by tagging famous guests.

These days, people listen more to social media influencers and niche celebs. Bringing these new-age celebrities can give you excellent brand exposure. You can do plenty of strategies, but the best one is the influencer takeover. Your fan base will surely love the mini-restructuring, so that’s plus points for you. But this is not the best part. You can bask in the glory of the influencer and benefit from their fame, too! Once their fans catch wind about your tie-up with their favorite influencer, they might also become brand loyalists.

Take a cue from Sour Patch Kids. The company started its Snapchat account with a widely popular campaign spearheaded by social media mogul Logan Paul. They created a five-day snap series for the “sour then sweet” catchphrase. Each of which consists of a prank between Logan and a Sour Spot Kid mascot, which attracted tons of Snapchat’s teenage population. Through this campaign, Sour Patch Kids improved its profile by getting 6.8 million impressions and 120,000 new followers.

3. Never forget to add a call to action button.

Snapchat is an easy way to earn attention, but it is not enough to turn leads into sales. Over 67% of university students want business accounts on Snapchat to give them discount rates and promos.

You can encourage followers to look at your website and promote them on their social media accounts. In return, you can incentivize them with Snapchat filters or prizes and special discounts.

Again, you can take a cue from Sour Patch Kids’ Snapchat Campaign. The company prodded fans to post the series on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When the fifth day of the series concluded, Sour Patch Kids had gotten 26,000 screenshots and about 2,000 tweets.

4. Be consistent.

It is easy for Twitter followers to identify a brand campaign by sifting through hashtags. On Snapchat, however, disappearing content makes this all too challenging. How can you build a following based on it? Easy. Make sure your branding remains consistent even outside the app.
According to Snaplytics, most brand-new followers search for a username before they subscribe, which only shows that they did not come across the profile organically. They most likely came across it outside the app. One-fourth of the Snapchat population also use Snapcode, Snapchat’s take on QR code, to locate accounts on the platform. Ensure your visibility by making it easy for users to find you. Place your username and Snapcode on full display on your social media accounts, email signatures, and business cards.

When engaging with followers, talk to them earnestly like you would in a conversation. Ask them to snap back with a promise of reward. You can talk about your following’s snaps, too. Make them feel heard by responding to them.

According to Sumpto, 45% of college students on their survey confirmed that cold calling works on the platform. The students claim they have no problem opening a direct message from a brand they haven’t heard of.

5. Monitor your performance.

Snapchat is not as advanced as Facebook and Instagram analytics. Its analytic tools are its weakest points. However, there are many ways to gather insights on your performance, such as total views. To determine user engagement, however, screenshots and story completion are more reliable data. Snaplytics believed that 54.8 % of followers open a story. What’s more important is the user behavior that comes after that.

Snapchat may seem silly and playful. But when you get past its exterior, you’ll realize that it has plenty to offer when it comes to marketing. Just follow these simple steps to create better content and establish rapport with your users.

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