How to Get More Followers on Snapchat

Views on Snapchat can be extremely important for your brand. This platform has an average of 186 million users each day, and these users create three billion snaps daily. This social media channel has a larger audience than Twitter, which only has 126 million daily users.

Another factor that makes Snapchat worthy of your marketing dollars is that many young people use it. One of the most alluring and yet hard-to-get markets is the youth, and the platform’s advantage is that virtually all its users are young, unlike Facebook and other social media apps. According to a Bench Research study, 78% of 18 to 24-year-olds use Snapchat.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that any marketer worth his salt would want to build and reach an audience on Snapchat. The question, of course, is how to do it.  Whether you’re a novice, or an experienced digital marketer searching for sophisticated suggestions, this guide will teach you how to get more authentic views and followers on Snapchat.

Share Your Snapchat on Other Social Media

One of the limitations of Snapchat is that it’s not geared towards discovery. The app helps individuals follow those they think are close friends and brands essential to them. Because of this algorithm, it can be tough to build an audience on Snapchat. 

Still, there are effective methods you can use to boost your followers. One of these is to utilize other social media channels to promote your account. You can do this by sharing your Snapchat code frequently on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other apps where you have a following. 

Using other marketing materials to promote your account is also a viable option. Consider sharing your Snapchat through your brand’s: 

  • email newsletter
  • blog
  • events
  • business cards
  • other online and offline advertisements

Bear in mind that many people suffer from a little social-media burnout. On average, individuals have 5.54 social media accounts, and they don’t like seeing the same material on all of them. Snapchat’s format basically requires you to make unique content just for it, which might not work for other social media platforms. In promoting your account, we suggest sending your other social media followers teasers about unique material or offers that are only readily available through your snaps.

Basic Snapchat Suggestions

Is your brand just starting with Snapchat? Here are quick Snapchat basics you need to know. If you’re already a pro, feel free to skip these fundamental pointers:

  • Post frequently: The latest updated story lands at the top of the list in users’ inbox, which increases your visibility in your followers’ feed. An average Snapchat user checks the app 20 times a day.
  • Music: Include music in your snaps to make them more amusing and engaging. 
  • Captions: Putting captions not only adds accessibility, but it’s also convenient for users who view their snaps in a low or muted volume, especially when they are in public.
  • Surveys and quizzes: Engaging your followers with polls and quizzes is an excellent way to connect with them. Everybody loves to offer feedback on questions that are relevant to them.
  • Follow your followers: To build connections with people, you need to follow them back, at least the first couple of hundred followers. 
  • Change your profile image: People enjoy novelty, and your profile picture is a fantastic method to capture the attention of a follower who doesn’t open your snaps.

Offer Value

While my previous recommendations took a look at Snapchat and how it works, it’s time to look at your audience and what they desire. One simple truth is that if your audience finds your snaps valuable, they’ll enjoy them. If your snaps aren’t significant, they will skip your story.

What do Snapchat users find valuable? You should have a robust understanding of your audience, or the audience you’re aiming for. One right place to start for inspiration is the popular brand names on Snapchats. Explore other brands’ stories and see how you can utilize their strategy and merge it with yours to suit your brand.

When coming up with your unique value propositions, don’t forget the power of education. For example, the UK Department of Transport held a successful campaign to inform youth about the effects of driving high through Snapchat. It is one good example of how you can use education to promote brand awareness. 

Offer Variety

Like any social media platform, Snapchat thrives on variety. The nature of the short clips of content might be a mistake for brands that aren’t willing to take risks. Make no mistake and know that if you share the same snaps time and time again, your audience will likely ignore you, or worse, unfollow.

You need to provide variety while keeping a cohesive brand story and appearance, which can be difficult. The best way to determine how to stabilize these requirements is to get inspired by brands that offer consistent modification on their snaps.

Create a Conversation

Snapchat often feels like a one-way conversation, and this works for many famous brand names. However, there is potential in using the platform as a real conversation tool. This can help improve your views and get to know a small number of your followers.

For example, you can use the app’s video call feature to have direct, individual conversations with your clients. Not only is this an important method to get in touch with consumers and answer their questions, but you can also use what you learn from these talks to improve your marketing strategy.

If your brand isn’t one that can offer direct discussions, there are still other methods you can use to communicate with your following. Concentrate on snaps that engage and ask followers for responses, such as polls, quizzes, or contests.

Take Risks with Snapchat

Brand names might view Snapchat as a risky platform to engage with consumers; however, the rewards for taking those risks can be incredible. Not only does Snapchat give you the chance to catch the attention of a young audience, but it’s also flexible. The short format challenges you to be creative about your marketing in ways you might have never pictured.

If you want, you can invest a great deal of your marketing budget into Snapchat. However, a few of the most prolific accounts are really low-budget. Because of this, Snapchat is a great entry point for brand-new businesses too.

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