Content Ideas to Boost Your Brand On Snapchat

Snapchat started as a social media platform for younger individuals. Its key feature is the ability to share disappearing videos and photos with friends. However, Snapchat has become a platform for celebrities and influencers. After a while, the platform has gone commercialized as brands and consumers joined the bandwagon. 

Unfortunately, the platform is still a bit premature when it comes to analyzing social engagement statistics. Snapchat, unlike other social media websites, does not offer the means to measure outbound links and post-performance metrics to help sharpen your marketing efforts. 

That being said, do you think your brand will benefit from Snapchat? What can it do for your business?

Perhaps the primary feature of Snapchat is that it allows users to see what you are up to if they become a part of your following. However, once they click on that follow button, it is your job to develop captivating material that will keep your followers and help you gain more.

What are the advantages of Using Snapchat?

These days, potential customers desire brands that let loose for a little while. This makes them reachable and more accommodating in the eyes of their followers.  What better platform to showcase your brand’s fun and wacky side than through Snapchat!

Snapchat was developed for millennials. The app is always adding new functions to stay engaging and relevant. Companies looking to keep pace with their competitors will undoubtedly gain access to a serious amount of audience on it.

Is your small business up for it? If so, then you need to come up with fresh concepts to keep your campaign going. Here are a few suggestions that might be perfect for your brand. If none of these works for you, you should rethink if the platform can bring your business success. 

Display what’s behind closed doors.

Going behind the scenes will endear your customers to you! If your office is anything like the Google headquarters (we’re talking about sleeping pods and buffet tables), showcase what you have to offer. Okay, it doesn’t need to be so superb, but displaying cool office features is one idea you should get behind. 

You could also capture snippets of fun activities you do at the office. Again, it does not have to be extreme. Something as simple and raw as lounging in the break room will serve the purpose. The secret is to curate images that are not too posy and have people catch a glimpse of how a day in your office looks like.

For something more personal, you can shoot a video of the big boss, addressing followers, and extending gratitude to their engagement with your brand. This will draw you closer to your followers, making them feel significant.

Is your office undergoing renovations? You could give them a tour and a preview of what’s to come during the process. Don’t forget to follow up with the final look, of course!

And the best way to use Snapchat is to excite your audience for promotions and product introductions. The marketing team can take advantage of the platform to reveal a new product, collaborations, or any good news.

Showcase your products

Take a cue from an industry expert, Amazon. Amazon knows how to display their wide variety of products to tickle one’s fancy. In fact, you can find a wish list category on the website itself, in case you want to bookmark items as you browse. Amazon’s Snapchat game not only puts the products on full display, but it also notifies users about discounts and deals only intended for Snapchat followers. These posts come up randomly, so avid viewers can only benefit from checking out the content regularly. The results are also instantaneous since Amazon’s followers readily jump on the opportunity to score amazing products for a fraction of the price.

Taco Bell is another Snapchat winner. The chain of fast-food restaurants regularly uses Snapchat to display its products. Moreover, the company takes advantage of the storytelling function available on Snapchat to sell their new menu products, events, and holiday promos. They released a series about finding a date on V-Day to promote their different menu specials creatively.

Participate in Influencer Takeovers

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy for local businesses and industry giants. This new breed of celebrities knows a thing or two about gaining a following. You can team up with an influencer and have him or her take over your business Snapchat account for a day. You could also brainstorm about inventive or entertaining ways to boost brand recognition.

The entire Hamilton cast was in charge of the program’s Snapchat for one day to uncover what goes on backstage of a Broadway musical. For theater companies, you could follow their lead. You could also tag radio personalities or news anchors to use your account and, by extension, help advertise your shows and sell tickets.

Demonstrate your lifestyle.

Get everyone involved in your Snapchat business account by requesting employees to post stories about fun and chill activities to try in your areas, such as concerts, brunch cafes, beach, hiking events, sports, and even hiking. 

For instance, an owner of a camping supply store could do a live demo of different products’ performance by doing a little experiment live on Snapchat. His employees can go on a camping trip and record various activities, especially those that involve a product such as assembling a tent, cooking on a grill, using hiking boots, and everything that displays your brand’s integrity and values. Exerting such an effort on a campaign is likely not to go unnoticed. Your following will revel in your willingness to accommodate their needs and show your products in action.

Another related but different approach, Sour Patch Kid used Snapchat to record stories of pulling wholesome pranks on random people. Why? Because that is what their characters are wildly known for! This campaign garnered them over 120, 000 new followers on Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

To be candid, Snapchat is not every business’ cup of tea. Only brands with a strong desire to tell their stories in a unique, distinctive way (some even go as far as eccentric) can make Snapchat work for their business. However, bear in mind that with Snapchat, you need to post regularly and promote your brands as innovatively as possible. You could also go the extra mile and go through extreme lengths to show the lifestyle behind your brand. The results are always worth it, anyway.

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