The Best Times to Post on Snapchat

Crafting content to keep your target audience on Snapchat engaged is always the quintessential first step. This fact applies to all sorts of social media. But there are so many factors that can affect your goal to increase engagement, not just content quality.

Think of it this way — you have a powerful gun, top-of-the-line bullets, but you keep shooting randomly at a moving target. It’s no surprise if you are not getting anywhere. 

Now, tell me what’s missing here.

That’s right. TIMING.

Timing is a key player when it comes to social media. If you are looking to boost brand awareness and interaction on your Snapchat, there is one way to do so that will allow you to utilize your content to its maximum efficiency. 

It’s fairly simple. Analyze the peak times. All social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have their own peak times. 

It is not a myth.

Social media’s top hours are real. There really are best times and days to post your content on these websites. In this article, I aim to teach you what you need to learn to up your social media engagement. 

Is There a One-Size-Fits-All Rule?

Quite frankly, there isn’t.

Different social media websites mean different optimal hours. But to be clear, the most ideal times to post on social media hinge on your target audience, your niche, your business location, among other factors. 

I only want to give you an overview of data gathered by experts. This information can help you decipher on your own what will work for you, given your situation.

Best Times to Post Your Content on Snapchat

If you don’t know it already. Snapchat is a nocturnal app, meaning people use it in the wee hours of the night. Most Snapchat users use the platform to catch up with friends, exchange pictures, or even do some mild stalking! As marketers, you can bank on this user behavior.  Use the platform to create attention-worthy snaps and add links that will directly bring followers to your website. Snapchat allows users to swipe up on stories to enter different pages outside the platform. You could lead them to your products or services in this manner.

I know that adding links does not really help guarantee that your fans will see your posts. However, if you pick the best times, you give your content more exposure.

Are you ready for the secret?

The best times to post on Snapchat are obviously when the majority of users are online. As mentioned earlier, it is a nocturnal app, so posting between 10 PM to 1 AM is your way in. Snapchat users are mostly millennials and GEN Z, with ages 16 to 24. Safe to say, this age group consists of night owls. 

You don’t have to choose the best day to post your content on Snapchat. Posting every day is your best bet. In this way, users won’t forget about you because on this platform, “out of sight, out of mind” is real. Many people use the platform on a daily basis.

Some studies prove that aside from late-night publishings, there are no other times to post on it. Snapchat users upload content and check out other people’s stories day in, day out. To increase your presence and, by extension, your engagement rate, you should post as frequently as possible.  More notably, you should publish your stories one by one, instead of all at once. It is the most dynamic step you can take to achieve optimum direct exposure. 

Because here is where it gets tricky..

When you post stories all at one stroke every day, your post will go farther down the list. Other snaps from different brands and individuals will pile up, leaving your post at the bottom of the barrel. To avoid this problem, you need to post more to be seen. Strategize by uploading your stories individually and allow for a few hours before you post another one.

This is the key to keeping your snaps where you want it to be — at the top of the feed. You will reap greater engagement rates from this simple method.

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