15 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Snapchat

In 2015, 6 billion videos were published every day to Snapchat from its 100 million daily users. The platform now has 190 million daily active users worldwide. According to Statista, Snapchat created 10 billion mobile video views each day since May 2016. Snapchat advertising is a financially rewarding business for marketers utilizing this quickly growing social media network. Below are factors you need to think about when advertising on Snapchat.

1.You Can Reach a Massive Audience

I’m not talking about just any users. I’m talking about millennials, people aged 17 to 36 who comprise a 4th of the US population alone, who have $600 billion in yearly purchasing power, who are a generation of influencers, whom individuals appreciate for the latest in food, style, music, culture, and tech.

2.You Can Track Customer Habits with the Snap Pixel

Snap Pixel, a snippet of code you add to your website, tracks users’ interactions with your site after clicking your Snapchat ad. By learning more about your audience’s habits on your site, such as the categories they browse or the purchases they make, you can enhance your Snapchat campaign appropriately and see whether your campaign is accomplishing your business goals.

3.Soon It Will No Longer Be Just for Teenagers

Pew Research study reports that 78 percent of all 18- to 24-year-old Americans use Snapchat. If history repeats itself, as it frequently does, Snapchat will infiltrate the older generation, grownups aged 35 to 44. Get a running start now before the platform is watered down by sounds from other advertisers and brand names.

4.Snapchatters Are Hyper-Engaged

The average open rate of email newsletters for all industries, according to Mailchimp, is 20.81 percent. In contrast, Gary Vaynerchuk says that if you have 1,000 Snapchat followers, 900 of them will watch your story. Taco Bell once stated that 80 percent of its more than 200,000 Snapchat buddies open their Snaps. According to VentureBeat, of Snapchat’s 100 million day-to-day active users in 2015, 65 percent of them contributed content– Snaps and Stories– of their own. This is an extremely high engagement for a mobile app and social network. If you’re trying to find an active audience, Snapchat is the place to be.

5.It’s an Enjoyable Way to Show Your Company Culture

Snapchat lets brands associate with their audiences by being ridiculous, casual, or funny. You can have a genuine discussion with your audience, which is far more engaging than sending them outright marketing messages in the eyes of possible customers.

6.It Uses a Brand-new Method to Break News and Trends

If you’re attempting to build brand awareness, being the first to add value with fresh material is the key to your success. Snapchat uses an interactive method to do that. Next time you share an interesting statistic on Twitter, attempt to create a video on Snapchat first.

7.It Leverages Direct-to-Audience Video Interactions

Sending out a quick and customized in-the-moment video message to a customer can be a significant effort. Think of having the ability to solve a customer care problem, respond to a concern, or reveal the winner of a competition within seconds. Snapchat’s video feature is by design among the fastest and most informal ways to begin a video chat, making a minimal investment in interactions.

8.It’s a Powerful Vehicle for Influencer Marketing

Snapchat’s function in influencer marketing is two-fold. It’s an excellent place to get in touch with influencers, in addition to celebs. They have huge audiences and engaged fans merely waiting for their next Snap or Story. Partner with celebrities to share Snaps about your service or product.

9.Your Content Will Never Be Lost On A Newsfeed

Unlike many social media that you push content out to, sending out a Snap resembles sending an email to an inbox. The likelihood that people will open them is even higher than email. There’s no getting lost in the sound or stressing over the shelf life of your material. Your Snap or Story sits there until your good friend or fan opens it. It’s an impactful method of developing a relationship with your audience.

10.Snap Is Expanding Stories to Other Platforms

Specifically, Tinder and Houseparty now allow users to add their Snapchat Stories to their apps. This integration, although it does not yet consist of Story ads, means more potential audiences that you can reach. Also, Stories will likely soon become available for other apps. Presently, Snap is pursuing collaborations with GoFundMe, Anchor, and Netflix. If you wish to expand your audience reach with the Stories format, Snapchat is the method to go since it uses cross-platform reach.

11.Snap Audience Network Will Make It Easy to Advertise in Your Own App

According to The Edge, Snap just recently presented a brand-new advertising product called Snap Audience Network. Snap Audience Network permits designers to include Snap’s vertical ads with their own products. Snap hasn’t yet described how this collaboration works. But if you like the Snap ad format, have your own app you want to distribute it to, you can make the most of the Snap Audience Network.

12.It’s a Fantastic Method to Reach Mobile Gamers

Snap has been dealing with a mobile-app video gaming platform that will feature video games by third-party designers. If you’re a game designer, you can reach Snapchat users with mobile video games created mainly for the Snapchat app. Because Snapchatters are already utilizing Snapchat routinely to mingle, bringing your game to them through the app increases the probability of them going along with it. It’s a smooth method to reach more youthful demographics.

13.You Can Take advantage of Snap’s Partnership with Amazon.

If Snapchatters see a product they like, for instance, a pair of shoes, they can use the Amazon product search tool to search for that item online. When Snapchatters point their camera at a product or barcode and long-press on the camera screen, a card with a link to that exact product on Amazon will appear.

14.You Can Include Multiple Products with Collection Ads

Have numerous items you wish to promote simultaneously? You can quickly advertise them with Snapchat’s Collection Ad format. Collection Ads allow you to feature several products in an aesthetically pleasing, shoppable format. If users want to learn more about an item, they can easily tap on it within the advertisement.

15.You Can Submit Existing Item Feeds to Generate Ads Instantly

If you’re overwhelmed with multiple advertising tasks, anything that helps you improve your workflow is welcome. This past October, Snap revealed an item catalog enhancement that lets you submit existing item feeds to create ads instantly. Snapchat’s Ads Supervisor has design templates for Stories Ads, Snap Ads, and Collection Ads that can be immediately created when you publish your product info. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in coming up with new advertisements, Snapchat has your back!

There are many advantages to advertising on Snapchat, but you can refrain from doing it alone. Hiring a Snapchat friendly advertising agency can make your campaigns more successful in reach, conversions, and engagement. You must pick an advertising agency that doesn’t shy away from campaign performance, understands and enhances information results, has insights about new audience sections, and identifies ways to take your campaign to the next level.

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