Pinterest vs. Instagram: Which Platform Meets Your Business Needs?

Have you experienced a dilemma when choosing between Pinterest vs. Instagram? Well, you are not alone. Both social media platforms can be great avenues where you can engage and make deep connections with your target audience, and both platforms can be beneficial for your business growth.

But the question is: which platform can meet the needs of your growing business? Let’s compare the two in this article.

Before deciding between Pinterest vs. Instagram, it’s worth considering to answer the following questions:

  • When you’re thinking about your very own rate of engagement, where are you now?
  • Are you getting individuals to comment on your posts? 
  • Are you planning to get people involved with your videos?

Once you are done analyzing and answering these questions, below are some points that can help you decide which of the two social media platforms are worth trying out.

Why Pinterest

If individuals are not yet well-acquainted with your brand, then Pinterest is the way to go.

Using Pinterest as part of your business’ marketing efforts is perfect if you do not have an audience or are tired of spending on ads.  Pinterest is a platform constructed to help in generating free traffic to a business’ website—all it takes is one click on your pin-worthy posts.

When you make use of Pinterest in piquing the users’ interests, you can expand your presence, get more individuals to know about your brand, and grow your exposure. You can also surge website traffic, build your email list, and obtain even more customers for your products and services.

Why Instagram?

If engagement is a significant factor for your business needs, then Instagram is the perfect platform for you.

Using Instagram is ideal for deepening connections with your audience. It is also best for building a one-to-one relationship that creates this deep personal link with your target Instagram users.

Sure, it can be challenging to get individuals off of Instagram and onto your website and your products or services. But worry not because Instagram now has an “Add Link” feature, which your followers can easily click and visit.

Instagram enables business accounts to add clickable website links on their profile, shopping tags and tabs, and swipe-up links on stories if you have over 10,000 followers or a verified account. And of course, don’t forget the power of hashtags.

Keep in mind that Pinterest and Instagram have different purposes. When choosing the right marketing platform for your business, you must consider analyzing your needs first to ensure that your business will continuously progress and grow to the fullest.

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