Promoted Pins: How to Make The Most of It?

Pinterest is more than just a visual search tool. This social media platform can also be an avenue for advertisers to promote their business through a paid advertising option—the Promoted Pins. With this option, Pinterest allows you to spread the word about your brand and expand your reach in the best possible way.

If you wish to get the highest value out of this advertising option, here are some insightful tips that you can apply to stand out among your competitors and get in the lead.

Test multiple marketing strategies

You can never go wrong in testing various strategies for marketing on Pinterest via Promoted Pins.

There’s no clear way to find out how your audience would react to what you promote. In fact, no amount of researches can help you pinpoint what exactly they’re looking for when they browse Pinterest.

That’s why I highly encourage you to discover new ways to market your brand until you can figure out what would work best. Consider evaluating various strategies, analyzing pins from competitors, and trying out other targeting alternatives like the use of keywords.

You might say you don’t have the luxury of time to test out numerous strategies all at once, right? Worry not because you can actually produce multiple ads under one ad group or campaign. Plus, you can make use of your old ad campaigns and add changes here and there. 

With this, you can now see and compare all at once the outcomes of various marketing strategies and determine what meets your brand’s needs.

Well-written descriptions keep eyes glued

No matter how well-designed your pin’s image is and how successful you were in grabbing the attention of your target audience, it’s the description that will keep their eyes glued and interested in the entirety of your pin.

It’s in the description that you can provide context as to what your pin is all about. It helps users to determine whether they should click on the pin and allow themselves to lead you on your business website or not.

Sure, Pinterest is a visual search tool. But if you wish for your Promoted Pin to contain a high value for both you and your target audience, then invest in well-composed descriptions instead of merely stating what product or service you’re advertising.

Save time and do away with hashtags

Essentially, Pinterest is a giant search engine that doesn’t rely on hashtags. In short, hashtags don’t belong and don’t have much value on Pinterest. Users have no interest in clicking hashtags and letting these lead them into a new topic. Unless you’re marketing on Instagram or Twitter, hashtags won’t really work. 

If you think that flooding hashtags on your image description would get you in the lead, then maybe you have to reevaluate that and use the limited space for an ad copy to make the most out of your Promoted Pins. 

Create a landing page that converts

Familiar with pay-per-click (PPC) projects? Then you would already know how valuable landing pages are. Landing pages can help you drive your target audience to action, such as buying your products and availing your services.

When people click on your promoted pin, it’s ideal that you direct your target users to your landing page and not to your webpage, lead deal, or even an email customer page. If you do, then you’re blowing your chances of converting users to customers.

By directing your prospects to a well-curated landing page, you’re sending them directly to the products or services that you’re promoting. In doing so, you call them to action — to purchase or avail what your brand is promoting.

Try new mediums other than images

Did you know that you can use videos as your Promoted Pins? How-to videos and clips that highlight the products or services will go far in Pinterest.

Only a few brands make use of video, so if you choose to utilize this content as one of your Promoted Pins, rest assured that you’ll stand out in the online crowd. The use of Promoted Pin videos will be advantageous on your end because it has an autoplay mode in the mobile view.

When producing videos for Pinterest as your Promoted Pins, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Keep the videos in high resolution even if the video is small.
  • Keep the video length within ten minutes.
  • Establish context without having to rely so much on sounds.
  • Use on-video text and subtitles for the very best results.

Take advantage of conversion tags

Have you ever considered installing Pinterest’s conversion tag on your website? If you haven’t, well, now’s the time. Having this on your website gives you access to significant information that tells you the actions of Pinterest users when they click on your Promoted Pin.

With conversions tags, you can track every user’s visits and activities, helping you in your ad campaigns. Such activities include views of parent and child pages, sign-ups and searches, records of when products are added to cart, records on completed transactions, views of videos, and leads.

Follow Pinterest’s standard and suggested dimensions

Pinterest pins come in various shapes and sizes. Whatever size you pick will have an impact on how many clicks you’ll get from Pinterest users. And as much as you want to go big so you’ll get noticed easily, large or long pins may be disadvantageous if your Promoted Pin will be viewed on a mobile phone.

Hence, I highly encourage you to follow Pinterest’s recommended image measurement ratio of 2:3, 600 x 900 pixels, or any image that’s taller and not broad.

Are you now ready to take on the world of Pinterest advertising? Make sure to follow and use the tips that I have discussed above as a guide to successfully building your Promoted Pins and marketing your business via Pinterest!

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