Pinterest for Business: Why Is It So Good For Marketing?

Most businesses turn a blind eye on Pinterest marketing. If you are guilty of doing so, it is time you learn about the positive outcomes of using Pinterest to promote your business.

Why Should You Go for Pinterest

Pinterest has a lot to offer. You can tap into a goldmine of opportunities that most businesses, maybe even your competitors, usually ignore. Plus, it is a smart way to spread brand awareness without exerting too much effort. Just think — one pin can generate ten pins, and so on. 

Pinterest is effective in driving traffic to your website and generating new leads. As you already know, more leads mean a higher probability of increased conversion.

Common Misconceptions About Pinterest

The following scenarios may speak to you on a personal level. As early as now, let me tell you — these are pure baloney.

Misconception #1: Only women browse Pinterest. 

It is rare to see camping equipment or macho stuff on Pinterest, simply because most companies in these niches consider Pinterest a woman-only social platform. This is not true. Unless you think it is fine to ignore 40% of Pinterest users. While more than half of the audience is females, it does not mean you can’t use the platform to seek out leads. Forty percent is a reasonable amount, don’t you think?

Misconception #2: Pinterest users only like food, weddings, clothes, and house decoration. 

Full disclosure: These businesses do thrive on Pinterest, but there are other markets too. In fact, people who are looking for tattoo ideas check Pinterest for concepts. We need to stop branding Pinterest as feminine. 

Misconception #3: Pinterest has a specific target market.

Maybe you are worried that your brand might not do well on Pinterest. But guess what? Pinterest covers a vast age demographic, ranging from boomers to Generation Z. 

Misconception #4: Posting on Pinterest takes time.

Anything you do for your business will demand time. In fact, as a business owner, you are working day in, day out. Anyway, let’s not deviate. Pinterest allows scheduling of posts if you own a business account. Guess that solves your dilemma.

Now that we have cleared these misconceptions, here are some positive facts about Pinterest that will leave you shaken to the core:

  • Pinterest’s popularity spans different generations. 
  • Pinterest is one of the most significant website traffic drivers.
  • Pins are thrice more reliable and have 80% more viral quality than Twitter leads.

Sold? Hold on, there’s so much more. We are only warming up. Get ready as we delve into details about six reasons you should join Pinterest now.

The Advantages of Using Pinterest for Business

  1. Pinterest has a high conversion rate.

With Pinterest, you can bring home the bacon right away. With fewer actions required from discovery to sales, people don’t have time to second-guess things. No other social media platform can compare to Pinterest’s conversion speed. And why not? Your inspiration right at your fingertips. Pinterest is a vast search engine for visual design. People usually depend on it for formulating concepts and getting inspired. Once you find something you fancy, it could be yours in a few clicks. 

      2. Pinterest is great at driving traffic.

This may be the third time you are reading this in this article, but I can’t reiterate it enough. Pinterest is excellent for driving website traffic because it does a great job of strengthening your backlinks. Again, Pinterest is the winner in this department. Neither Facebook nor Instagram can drive up traffic to your website the way Pinterest does.

Of course, this only works on quality content. You can’t skimp out on your content and expect a high return. Only material that attracts an audience gets beneficial results. When it comes to this platform, you need to be creative. Start off with fascinating visuals.

      3. More pins, more links.

Each pin has a link. This link directs the user back to the image source. You can play this to your advantage. Imagine how many visitors your website will receive just by putting your products up on Pinterest. Most companies forget this valuable attribute of Pinterest.

      4. Pinterest has a high user engagement.

Pinterest users have a habit of sharing things with a small group of people. This is how viral pins start and is beneficial for your business. Even if it does not go viral, your pins will get enough exposure to get the ball rolling. 

      5. Pinterest merges well with your website, Twitter, and Facebook business pages. 

Users can quickly post pins on their Facebook page for their friends to see. Cross-publishing is not favorable to an extent, but this is incredibly useful to some people. However, before you go as far as letting it play out, you should first have a solid social media strategy. Otherwise, it might blow up in your face.

      6. Pinterest helps you figure out what tickles your audience’s fancy.

Surprisingly, you can use Pinterest to study the trends. Simply follow anyone who follows you and check out what interests them. With this, you can have an in-depth analysis of your target market, playing right in front of your very eyes—no need to fork out a considerable sum of money to analyze your audience. Pinterest can aid you in determining the trend. Consequently, you can align your promos and deals with it.

Do you think Pinterest can accommodate your business objectives and future goals? Maybe it is time to include Pinterest in your Marketing Strategy. When you do, remember to go slow and produce high-quality visuals. It is necessary to create a strong profile at the onset.


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