Is Instagram Good For Marketing?

During research on the present state of local business, I asked advertising teams where their most significant chance to construct brand awareness was. The number one reaction pointed to social media. Social media has the best chance of gaining brand-new clients.

As a result, I asked where they intended to enhance their costs for 2019 and the years ahead; social media advertising was amongst the top three responses. Seventy-three percent of respondents reported that they’d raise spending on social media advertising and marketing.

When trying to decide which social media system to use for your marketing efforts, everything boils down to discovering where your target audience invests their time. When I broke down the most used social media websites, I generated:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

While most businesses already have a substantial existence on YouTube and Facebook, many brands discovered that their audience has turned to Instagram for their everyday social media dosage. Why? The scrolling attribute is easy to browse, and videos and pictures are confirmed to be more digestible by customers.

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing, as the term suggests, is marketing your products and services on Instagram. What makes Instagram an excellent platform is that numerous businesses are looking to apply influencer marketing to help them get to a broader audience. Facebook may be the largest social media network, but studies showed more buyers are on Instagram than any other social site. 

Is Instagram marketing worth your time and resources?

With increasingly more individuals hanging around daily on Instagram, marketing on the prominent social media platform can be worth the time and initiative. Nevertheless, similar to any other electronic network, it takes strategy.

Features that make Instagram advertising worth it

When developing your Instagram marketing strategy, see to it that you’re maximizing the different Instagram functions.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are effective ways to get more direct with your audience. And thanks to updates — the ability to point out accounts, include sticker labels, and shoppable tags — it’s an excellent method to advertise products. Instagram also enables brand names to connect one-on-one with their audience.


IGTV takes tales to a whole brand-new degree by allowing brand names to develop longer formatted videos to show to their audience. Brands can create longer video ads and post them via IGTV. As opposed to Instagram stories, IGTV can cater to the exact duration of the video. 


An enormous part of Instagram is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are shown by the “#” symbol and used to help link individuals to similar messages. Take Calia’s brand hashtag, #staythepath, as an example; when individuals add it to their messages, they end up readable by others who utilize the hashtag, raising their possibilities of communicating brand names and with each other.

Through hashtags, particularly the catchy ones, people can easily remember your brand and products. They can also find your account by clicking on your public hashtag. 

How do you measure the success of your Instagram marketing initiatives?

Gauging the success of your Instagram marketing efforts is as easy as checking your Instagram analytics. While reviewing your insights, you can see who is engaging with your articles and stories. Additionally, you’ll get an extensive consideration that composes your audience and what they prefer as far as your posts are concerned.

Does Instagram marketing matter?

With its whopping 800 million users, Instagram marketing is worth the shot! It incredibly speeds up sales and allows you to get a magnified look at your target consumers. Win-win, right? 

But does it matter? Yes, Instagram marketing matters, and while it may not be suitable for every person, it’s worth considering.

It’s great to consider the different advertising platforms and their degree of power over potential consumers. However, these advertisement platforms only work as much as your actual content does. So, spend time curating an incredible content first, and worry over the platform next. 

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