Getting the Right TikTok Influencer for Your Campaign

For the last two years, a new video-sharing social network has screamed its name above all the other social media platforms. Its success is almost unthinkable. Having 500 million downloads since 2018, it has been regarded as the most downloaded application on the App Store. 

So, what app are we talking about?


The Chinese-made mobile application is visibly paving its way up, exceeding social media giants like Facebook and Instagram. TikTok’s functions(posting, sharing, commenting, and the such) are relatively similar to these two social networks, but with a touch of the video content platform, YouTube characterized by direct video-sharing and live-streaming.

Given the milestone and network functions, TikTok has become a golden ticket for some outsiders to market their products and services. Direct and indirect advertisements have entered the platform through influencers with many followers, which then receive sponsorship from marketers. 

Is it worth the effort to market on TikTok? Well, the statistics say yes.

In an international report, it’s said that influencer marketing campaigns involving TikTok drive 11x more than the other digital marketing mediums. That’s a lot. TikTok is comparable to pamphlets and brochures handed out to strangers, but with a much broader reach. We’re talking millions, not 20,100 or 1000. It should be obvious why digital marketers are inclined to use TikTok. If you’re interested too, that’s great!

However, it would be best if you didn’t go all-out when investing in this platform, particularly in influencers. These new celebrities have specifications, as seen in their niche. You’ll probably want to know more about what you’re getting yourself (and your business) into and make sure you’ll reap profits from your tie-ups.

I don’t want you to be confused, so I’ll classify it into do’s and don’ts of choosing the right influencer for your brand. 


Know how TikTok works

You might be confused about the totality of TikTok’s functions, especially when you’re not social media-savvy. So, let me break the details for you. 

It’s just like Facebook. Someone who sees your post can like, share, and comment, creating interactions among the community. The higher the like, comment, or share counts, the better.

TikTok is partly like YouTube in a way that the former shows short-clips of yourself and your content. TikTok users showcase their talents, greet their fans, and share their personal stories through the platform. These are some marketing stunts you can try for your brand as these allow you to interact more as if you’re meeting face-to-face with your consumers.

Knowing such matters is vital for establishing the foundation of your understanding of the totality of the TikTok’s influencers marketing activities.

Set your Objectives 

What are your goals for investing in this digital marketing campaign? What purpose does it serve? How would you do it with the influencers?

Spelling out your objectives will help you navigate your direction. If you’re thinking you’re done after choosing the right influencer, you’re wrong. As a digital marketer, you might see some benefits initially, but these are only for the short-term. And in leveraging the business performance, short-term achievements are not part of the priorities.

Build a clear, high, yet feasible goal for your digital ventures, and see how easy it’d be to pick the right influencer for your brand.

Research on the Prospective Influencer of Your Brand

If you want to have a better grasp of your prospect, then you should do your research. Research before and after you make contact with them. 

Before diving into some get-to-know conversation with the influencer, you should already know a little about his or her background. What are his or her preferences? Focuses? Niches? Past issues? Relationships? You can rely on the internet for some answers, especially when you’re eyeing a known personality.

Knowing more about the influencer’s background and personality can help you accurately identify the best option for advertising your brand in a social network platform where millions are actively present. Consequently, this can also produce more meaningful relationships and goals between the two of you.

Influencer’s Digits

From researching your prospective TikTok influencer marketing partner, you should supplement it with additional essential points. These factors are:

  • Engagement Rates(1% – 3%, Average; 3.5% – 6%, High)
  • Social Media activities (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); and
  • Number of their followers

As mentioned earlier, the points are imperative in deciding your brand’s campaigner as they influence the movement of ROI and sales levels. The metrics guide you with how active their followers are in their posts, comments, etc. Also, the analysis that can be derived from this could help you identify the efficacy of the brand campaign — your marketing purpose.

Don’t miss that!

Follow the FTC Guidelines

Just because you’re not physically advertising your products means you get a bit of leeway when citing your product or service’s features. Never, ever make false promises. Plan and act your decisions according to the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission. Deceptive advertisement is a big NO. 

FTC stresses their line of rules that marketers should tell the consumers the truth — about the benefits, features, etc. If you overlook this rule, it would surely backfire on you and your influencer. 

Keeping these in mind should be the top of your priority list. Align your planning and posting with the guidelines. After all, these are made to benefit both sides.


Set Away the Traditional ads

TikTok users are mainly within the years of GenZ or the teenagers of today. A report (GlobalWebIndex, 2018) illustrated that 41% of the total users are within the age range of 16-24. People within this category don’t appreciate traditional ads as much as people back then. Regular ads may come as dull, straightforward, and too salesy.

If you know your product is targeted for these young users, you need to consider joining the influencer marketing campaign. Plus, who knows if your product or services might suit the likings of the teens. 

Whatever your choice is, remember that innovative and up-to-date approaches serve as critical components for your marketing campaign with an influencer.

Never Limit Your Influencer by Your Rules

While it is accepted that, as the employer, you’re allowed to establish some rules concerning the project, you should still leave some space for your influencer to use their creativity. 

Most of the notable TikTok influencers are known for their distinctive approach to sharing their content. Now, if you’d impose some restricting rules that would significantly prevent the influencer from expressing himself or herself, it could cost both of you some losses. The TikTok influencer’s fans would notice the shift in content (e.g., sounding too salesy) and probably lose interest. When this happens, the decline in the influencer’s engagement rate would directly affect the ROI and sales.

Moreover, note that no one wants to be always told what they should do. 

The points I mentioned can serve as your guide in hiring TikTok influencers for your brand. There might be some other aspects that are not included here, but for the most part, what you’ve learned from this article has been proven effective and can give you a headstart.

Venturing in the influencer marketing world is undeniably heart-throbbing as you get to engage with millions of online users across different places. However, this one step forward will all be worth it — just couple it with consistency and open-mindedness. TikTok is an excellent platform to foster this experience. Connecting with influencers in this social media network can help you leverage your overall business performance. That is, both of you should have common goals, interests, and eagerness to confront what is ahead.


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