Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Influencer Marketing

Many people consider Facebook as the mother of all social media platforms. It gave rise to the culture of social networking, after all.

However, many people also realize that Facebook is slowly dwindling as other platforms release more innovative and engaging features. Let’s take Instagram, for example. It’s responsible for the existence of influencers, this generation’s band of celebrities. As a result, when a company decides to take up influencer marketing, they’re inclined to use Instagram, completely brushing off Facebook’s potential.

Let me tell you why this is not a good idea. In a study conducted in 2018, it was revealed that Facebook affects almost 50% of participants’ buying decisions. Therefore, it still packs a punch when it comes to influencer marketing.

Many businesses are still taking advantage of Facebook’s popularity and using the platform for their influencer marketing campaigns. The platform also launched Brand Collabs manager on Facebook, an influencer marketing tool.

Facebook realized that influencer marketing is now deeply embedded in pop culture, so it’s not going anywhere. Although it’s a little late to jump in, Facebook is slowly working to fight for their share in the influencer marketing industry. Unfortunately, the platform needs to work a little harder to address the gap. The continuous algorithm modifications make it difficult for influencers to monitor their page and its organic reach. If the results are not reliable, they can’t work on improving their profile and close the loopholes, if there’s any.

Facebook is Slowly Accepting Influencer Marketing

But then again, there have been serious changes on the platform to accommodate influencer marketing. For one, they have accepted content creators, which is something they hadn’t done until recently from the time of its inception.

Product developers are also given new tools to play around with to aid in content monetizing, similar to YouTube. It’s a big change, considering how long it took Facebook to implement this strategy. It won’t surprise me if more content developers use Facebook as their primary platform.

Facebook Groups is the platform’s answer to influencers looking for ways to reach a broad audience. As mentioned earlier, influencers were left having a hard time due to the lack of natural reach on their pages. Groups can help them target a community instead of individually.

Facebook for Creators has been around since 2017. It was created to give video-makers an opportunity to explore their passion and level up. It’s a subtle way of attracting influencers, that’s for sure.

The Majority Of Popular Facebook Influencer Partnerships

Facebook Live is an ideal influencer marketing strategy. It enables an individual to hold live video broadcasts. 

Facebook also has the edge over other social channels because of its content variety. Posts are not restricted to just photos or videos, like on Instagram or YouTube. Facebook can use different types of content, depending on their goal. Therefore, it’s possible to share blog posts, websites, branded videos, etc. aside from the usual image and text posts.

Although resharing isn’t a top choice when it comes to partnering with influencers. The whole idea of partnering with an influencer is allowing them to come up with their own content. The premise is the same as Instagram influencer marketing. They can post images and videos that they produced themselves and post Facebook stories for more engagement:

Facebook Live: Influencers can promote your products or services through their Facebook Live broadcasts. There are subtle ways of doing this through name drops, or you could go for the grand reveal and have them talk your partnership up with your viewers. It will depend on your arrangement with the influencer.

Photo or Video Posts: Facebook offers limitless options when it comes to possible influencer marketing campaign content. Methods such as mentions, product review, competition, rewards, and so much more.

Finding Facebook Influencers on Facebook

How do you search for a person on Facebook? By using the search bar, right? Therefore, it’s also one of the most conspicuous ways to look for an influencer. Just type your product or services in the search bar. You can also use other keywords that are related to your brand and your goals. 

For example, you have an eCommerce website that sells gym equipment. Your goal for your Facebook influencer marketing campaign is to launch your new line of bands for women. Tinker Facebook’s filter choices so you can see all ten categories.

Influencers with established brand names usually fall on the pages tab. Click on the Categories filter section on the left sidebar. Choose Artist, Band, or Public Figure. If you want, you can also tick Home Entertainment and/or Resident Business or Location options.

Aside from using keywords, hashtags can also bring you leads. Place some hashtags of your choice. Go to the ‘Posts’ filter tab and take a look at the posts with that keyword. Skim through the profiles of the posters to see who you can tap to promote your new products.

Finding Facebook Influencers on Google

If Facebook isn’t doing anything for you, you can always rely on Google. Still, with the earlier example, some ideas to put in the search box are:

  • Workout bands Facebook influencers
  • Top female fitness Facebook influencers
  • Female fitness Facebook influencers

So long as you include Facebook in your keyword, you’ll likely have Facebook pages in the results page. However, if you come across profiles beyond Facebook, such as Instagram or maybe even blog websites, you should still have a look. Perhaps you’ll like what you see. These links may have influencers who also have a following on Facebook. 

Generally speaking, many practical Facebook influencer marketing projects show how promising the platform is when it comes to influencer marketing. 

One of the most critical things to consider when preparing your Facebook Influencer marketing campaign is to only go for partner influencers that best represent your brand. Be clear and concise when talking about the outcomes you want to achieve. At the same time, know that you’re working with an individual who has a personal brand you need to respect. 

The best part of influencer marketing is meeting creative individuals you can brainstorm with. 

Influencer marketing hasn’t been around for a long time, but it has undoubtedly become a huge opportunity for brands to take advantage. It’s not only for the big guns. Influencer marketing is for any business that desires to get their name out with the help of these new modern-day celebrities.

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