10 Ways to Get More Followers on Facebook and Grow Your Business

If you have a business page on Facebook or Instagram, you probably want more fans. At this point, it’s not just a popularity contest or mere vanity. To get more followers on Facebook or Instagram means greater Return of Investment or ROI. Fans can translate to potential income; the more followers and engagers your page has, the more your company will benefit.

According to the 2019 Social Media Market Report, the primary reason businesses use social media is for increased exposure. Other reasons include increased website traffic, producing leads, increasing sales, and developing devoted fans. Facebook and Instagram are the top social sites used by businesses. 

Around 94% of businesses use Facebook, while approximately 73% utilize Instagram. As both platforms continue to add new features for business, it is more important than ever for companies to grow their fan base, get more followers on Facebook and Instagram, and turn them into active engagers. Doing so could mean boosting its brand awareness and getting more potential customers.

To expand your audience reach and increase your number of potential clients on Facebook and Instagram, follow these pointers.

1. Personalize your profile

When a possible follower browses through your page, the first thing they will do is to scan through your profile to see who you are and what you’re about. This point is where you have the chance to make an impression on your followers. Make sure that you have an appealing business bio. It should tell possible followers who you are, and provide them with a reason to follow you. Include important details regarding your business, such as your address and contact number. Visuals are also important. Pick a top-quality, on-brand profile photo, and don’t forget to include a link to your website.

2. Have a strategy

The most effective social media pages may seem fun and informal, but the truth is that behind the facade, they’re all following a thorough social media strategy. Designate someone to supervise your social media efforts. To do this, you must have clearly defined goals. One good idea is to create an editorial calendar. To make sure that your page follows the same tone, you can create guidelines to regulate the tone, post type, and posting regularity. Above all, see to it that all your messages are in line with your company goals.

3. Specify your target market

Determining your target audience firsthand will help you attract the ideal followers to develop your business. Build ideal client profiles for each of your social media networks and target your posts to their needs, type of interests, and pain points. These details about your ideal customer will help you improve your posting times, post topics, and posting schedule.

4. Create excellent content

To get even more fans, your social media pages need appealing content that will grab your buyers’ attention and make them want to return. Concentrate on giving high-grade content that is fun, fascinating, inspiring, and provocative — whatever you’ve chosen that fits your brand. However, don’t make your content too polished or overly edited. People often prefer pages that feel authentic and honest. If you can’t get creative with all your social media content from the ground up, one good idea is to use curated articles. 

5. Offer deals

According to a 2018 survey, 63% of consumers follow brands on social media to find sales. Take advantage of this and offer individuals what they want! Reward your fans with insider bargains, complimentary trials, and vouchers they can’t get anywhere else. A deal doesn’t always need to be monetary — maybe a preview at a brand-new product or a behind-the-scenes experience — anything that offers people an incentive to follow your page.

6. Invite people to like your page

When users like your Facebook page, they automatically end up being a follower unless they manually choose to unfollow the page. If you have less than 100,000 likes on your Facebook page and you see that a person has reacted to an article, you can message them and ask them to like your page, which is an excellent way of recruiting new followers.  You can also invite your Facebook fans to like your Instagram, and run a paid “like campaign” to get more followers on Facebook.

7. Remain on brand

When they browse to your Facebook or Instagram page, your fans should feel like they’re strolling into a familiar store. Use your brand voice consistently to create a sense of “home” for your visitors and to constantly remind them of what to expect from your business page.

8. Use hashtags

Adding appropriate hashtags to your posts is a great way to get exposure and get more followers on Facebook and Instagram. When a person searches or clicks on a hashtag, they’ll see all the posts marked with that hashtag. Instagram now allows the use of up to 30 hashtags on your posts. Studies have shown that posts with 5-6, 11, or more hashtags get the most engagement. On Facebook, however, limit your hashtags to one or two per post.

9. Get a confirmation badge

Both Facebook and Instagram offer confirmation badges, which show that a company has been verified as authentic. Obtaining that checkmark beside your brand name is easier on Facebook than on Instagram. However, a confirmation badge will give your social networks page immediate credibility and make visitors more likely to become followers.

10. Be receptive

One of the largest social networks pet peeves that consumers have with brands is that they don’t respond to comments, messages, or questions. If a person leaves a comment, posts a review, or sends a message that needs feedback, show them that you are interested in your fans by always reacting promptly and courteously, even to negative comments.

Your social media pages are a constant work in progress, and you should be continually improving them. View your analytics and interactions on your pages to see what’s working and what’s not about posting frequency, message response times, content, hashtags, etc. Identify what resonates most with your followers and concentrate on supplying more of that type of material that works best. Follow these business marketing tips and get more followers on Facebook now.

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