7 Creative Instagram Ideas For Your Brand

Instagram post ideas must be great if they are being used as advertisements for your brand. You can’t do it half-baked. The goal is to engage your followers while at the same time giving them a reason to share your brand with other people.

You can’t just post an average photo or video clip if you are expecting to gain traction. You need something that will have your brand arousing curiosity and holding the attention of potential customers. You need to show your followers how unique and creative your brand (and the people behind it) is by serving content they can’t see elsewhere.

Sounds easy, right? Not entirely. There are almost a total of 100 million videos and images published on the app daily. How do you stand out from the lot? How creative do you have to get to engage your followers? Before you spiral and get overwhelmed, here are seven ideas you can take advantage of so you won’t get stuck when brainstorming for content. With these seven ideas, you can curate content that will be valuable to your current following while also luring new followers. The key is to use these concepts and develop unique content that can spice up your page.

Without further ado, let’s get right on it.

1. Crush it with a tutorial

How-to-guides always go viral. So, why not create a tutorial or guide for your followers. These types of videos have value written all over it. Through posts (or even IG stories), you can come up with fast pointers talking about different topics. However, it will be more beneficial for you if you create how-to posts about your brand! Your products don’t have to be the center of the video, but including them will do your business some good. 

You will notice this principle applied by almost every food IG account. They post 1-minute videos of delicious recipes broken down in a series of one-liner sentences, all explained clearly. 

Talk to your partners about it. Scrape together different tutorials that can involve your product or that your target audience will appreciate. 

2. Go raw and post Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) videos and photos.

Humanizing your brand is the millennial way of advertising. Everyone wants to stay woke, so serve your audience a dose of your brand personality by showing them the nitty-gritty that happens in your business. If you are doing a photoshoot for your brand, you could post some snippets that could double as teasers! Two birds in one stone. Not only are you serving some realness, but you are also hyping them up for yet another promotional effort. 

You can also flaunt how fun it is in your office. Tell them how excited everyone is with the new coffee machine. Do a dance number with your staff. These small, seemingly nonsense ideas will draw you closer to the hearts of your followers.  

The possibilities are endless. Look around your office. Think of ways to show where the magic happens to your followers in a fun and exciting light.

3. Hold a Q&A (Question and Answer).

Also known as AMA or Ask me Anything. This method is a surefire way to increase engagement and be in touch with your followers. You can also give them value by sharing thought leadership about any topic.

The premise is straightforward. Just make a post indicating you are willing to answer Anything. You can either address the questions in the comments or make a live video to answer some of the most interesting questions. Your followers can ask you various things, but don’t feel pressure to answer all. Moreover, these days, you can also try this idea for your IG stories. 

This post idea is perfect for Influencers, or you have someone in the company regarded as a thought leader in the industry you are in. 

4. Talk to a Subject Matter Expert.

The goal of your posts is to provide content of value to your target customers. What better way to do it than talk to an industry leader who can share indispensable insights your following can appreciate. Leading thinkers and pioneers can also attract more people to follow you while simultaneously increasing engagement on your profile. 

Although, let’s face it — not many industry leaders have the time to do a sit-down interview for a 1-minute video. Instead, use excerpts from your podcasts and snippets of a YouTube interview. In this way, you get to recycle your content, milking it for what it’s worth.

5. Take advantage of user-generated material.

One way to show your followers some acknowledgment is to post content they made themselves on your page. Retail businesses, for one, have plenty of people tagging you in their posts whenever they utilize your product. This is not a difficult task. You can quickly check your tagged photos and choose one with an exciting story or a catchy image.

Crowdsourcing posts keeps your followers engaged without you having to break up a sweat.

6. Be open and share stories, fun or otherwise.

As mentioned previously, humanizing your brand is a perfect marketing approach in 2020. Humans are not perfect, so why not share stories with your followers? It is easy to tell exciting news, laugh-worthy anecdotes, and so on, but what can bring you closer to your audience is baring yourself and your mistakes.

If you have made a mistake, admit it. You don’t have to delve into the details of a litigation process or tell them about this email you received from a customer complaining about a messed-up order. These are not the mistakes we are referring to. 

Instead, try revealing some odd mistakes that occurred in your work area. Suppose you are a bakery owner, and you have left a batch of cookies inside the oven longer than it should. If that’s the case, upload a photo of it on Instagram, along with a short story relating to the silliness that has transpired.

Or maybe you own a marketing agency. You can disclose one newsletter blunder you sent out and express your feelings about your mistake (without sounding whiny, of course!) and how you handled it.

The idea is to own up to your mistake, accept that you’re human, and show that you were able to make up for it or learn from it. As the saying goes, “The ability to laugh at yourself takes you from being a victim to being a victor.” Think about the number of people who will empathize with you. 

7. Show some before and after images.

Before and after images work, you put two pictures side-by-side, and without putting in much effort or words, your audience will realize the impact your brand provides. Your followers and stray visitors will immediately see how your product or service works. You won’t have to break a sweat promoting what you can offer because the images can do that for you.

There are other types of before and after photos you can use for other grand reveals. For instance, you can do before and after of your company’s logo to show your followers the new changes. Other ideas include showing one of your staff who has been with you from the beginning or showing your new office after a makeover.

When it comes to this content idea, the possibilities are endless. You need to tap into your creative side and let the juices flow.

These seven creative and captivating Instagram post ideas can help you attract more followers and build a relationship with your existing audience. Keep this list for future reference whenever you feel a bit down on ideas. It can supply you with some Instagram feed inspiration whenever you need one.

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