5 No-Fail Tips to Increase Your Sales via Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform people of all ages love. For marketers, however, it is much more than that. Using Facebook to your advantage can improve your business in no time.

Sadly, it takes a lot more work than just signing up for a business account on Facebook. On the bright side, I plan to share with you five clever ways to increase your sales on Facebook in no time.
Why Facebook?
Facebook has a broad reach. Other social media platforms have specific populations — Instagram and Tiktok are for millennials, while Twitter and LinkedIn are more for industry experts. But, guess what these two different sets of people (from different generations, if I may add) have in common? A Facebook account! More than a billion people scroll through their Facebook feed every day to catch up with the news, entertain themselves, connect with friends and families, and even find info about various products and services that pique their curiosity. By having a Facebook business account, you gain access to these individuals who might be the bulk of your target market.

5 Tried-and-Tested Ways that Boost Your Sales on Facebook

There are plenty of strategies you can implement to market your products or services on Facebook well. You can try a variety of techniques, including internal methods, where you take advantage of Facebook tools. But the most effective approach is throwing in a bit of external resources to come up with a more fool-proof plan.

1. Maximize your Facebook Fan Page.

Are you raking in the right customers? The first step you need to take is to ensure that you are getting the attention of prospective customers. It will take time, but believe me when I tell you– it will be worth it. So, sit down, and take your sweet time enhancing your Facebook profile. While you are at it, you can also deal with your other social media networks to achieve consistency across all your pages.

Here is how a buyer thinks: Someone searches a product or service through Google. Let’s make the picture more vivid – say a mom is looking for catering services for her daughter’s birthday. She sees your name on Google’s results and is intrigued. What do you think she will do next to verify if your business is legitimate? You guessed right! She clicks on her Facebook app and types your name in the search box. If your page looks active and has plenty of reviews, she will likely contact you then and there via Facebook messenger. Otherwise, she will go back to the list Google recommended and try to look for something more reliable and accessible.

How to Maximize your Facebook Fan Page

Here are some ways you can try to enhance your profile instantly:

  • Provide as much information as Facebook allows you to share. Do not be stingy with the info and divulge all the need-to-know (even the catchy nice-to-know) facts about your company in the Details section. However, don’t go around in circles and make sure the details are straightforward and easy to digest.
  • Add links that direct to your website. It’s always a good sign when a company bothers to maintain a site, even with the convenience social media pages offer. It shows that they mean business.
  • Improve the design of your Fan page. Add relevant photos, and make sure your profile picture and cover photo complement each other.
  • Facebook tabs make it easy for customers to access your online shop with ease, so make use of this feature wisely.
  • Make an effort to at least have one video introducing your brand or showcasing your products.

2. Do not ignore the audience’s queries.

Customer service has been around long enough for you to know how valuable it is for business. If you are targeting to increase your Facebook sales, showing up for your client is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Interacting with potential clients is a must. People who realize that there is a person behind the brand are more likely to get in business with them. In fact, 46% of people opt to communicate with a social media profile before committing to the product, according to SocialMediaToday.Com’s survey. If you want to attract almost half of your target population, you need to make them feel that you are real. Once you gain their trust, they will surely patronize your business and even suggest it to their friends. As you know, word of mouth is all the more powerful these days — another social media effect.

For starting companies, it is challenging to employ a person exclusively for social media responses. Not everyone can afford to do so unless your business is already thriving. Not to worry because you can program automated responses to frequently asked questions (think, links to products, location, modes of payment, etcetera). Facebook uses bots that allow you to save responses accordingly. In this manner, you don’t have to go out of your way to attend to all the queries in a timely fashion. You just check the messages when you are available and attend to non-FAQs questions and conduct business transactions.

3. Create a Facebook Group for your Business.

Social media is about connection. Forming a group for your services and products lets you interact and build deeper relationships with your most loyal fanbase. Additionally, you can add more and more people to it. They, themselves, can connect with each other, strengthening their devotion to your business. 

What are the advantages of forming a Facebook group for this reason?

A lot! Let’s see. On your end, you can profile the people who know and utilize your brand. From that information, you can develop different Facebook Ads to entice other individuals who might be interested in your product. Sometimes, it can surprise you how diverse your fanbase is. Aside from your target population, there are wild cards that you didn’t even think your business will attract at the beginning. Identifying them will help you expand your business in the long run. 

Having a substantial database of people who are into your product or service is always beneficial for distributing promos and other marketing campaigns. Even when these people are not looking into purchasing your product or availing your service at the moment, these emails allow you to establish your relevance. And, who knows? They might get tempted to buy from you upon seeing this month’s special offer.

Giving value to your Facebook group will also cement their loyalty to your brand. So, be generous. Give tips and tricks on how to maximize your products or service, upload tutorials related to your niche, and post some motivational quotes here and there. These will surely win them over. You can even hold Q&A sessions once a month (or as frequently as you like) for concerns and questions. Just observe a kind and friendly tone to avoid intimidating anyone and making them feel more at home with you. 

Being part of a group, by itself, makes your potential customers feel important. So, why not give it a go?

4. Take Advantage of Custom-Made Facebook Ads.

I mentioned custom-made Facebook Ads in passing earlier. Now, we dive deep into this critical method of improving your Facebook performance. 

Facebook has been designed to expand businesses, and so it gives a lot of growth opportunities to marketers and small business owners. How does a company grow via Facebook? By improving visibility, of course! Through this platform, you can target your potential customers via Custom Audiences.

What is Custom Audiences?

Facebook’s Custom Audiences showcases your ads to a specific target list. These are people who have browsed your page and have shown interest in what you are offering. To get these ads going, you will need to gather contact information in either email or telephone number. Previous customers are as good a place to start as any.

Utilizing Facebook Custom Ads also improves your conversion rate. Only those who have expressed interest are targeted, so it decreases the chances of being ignored. It is an advantage over standard marketing, wherein you blindly sell your brand to people who may or may not be keen on it.

Facebook also has Lookalike Audiences. It recognizes the traits and qualities your current audience has in common and tries to attract new individuals who share the same interests. What a neat and convenient way to gain prospects, right?

5. Put your products or services on display and give discounts.

Last but not least, one surefire way to incite interest in your products is to efficiently promote your items. Double your stroke of luck by putting up nicely-curated posts and offering different discount rates to really reel them in.

How to Showcase Your Items Properly

Create a product gallery that enables you to show images with the rates. Do not forget to add buy buttons for convenience. People have become lazier these days because everything is accessible in one click. If they need to send you a message or do more actions to buy the product, they’ll put buying on hold. 

How to Use Discount Codes

Download an app for discount coupons. This app gives you various offers you can gift your followers with, ranging from discounted prices, free pass, etc. It is that simple!

The benefits of this technique are two-fold. First, you get to sell your products or services to your customers with ease. Second, there is a considerable chance it draws in new followers who are eager to utilize your discounts.

Try these simple but effective methods to improve your business through Facebook, and let me know how it goes. Best of luck!

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