The Important Role of Lookalike Audiences in Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Do you want to reach more customers via Facebook but still don’t have any idea on how to do it? Worry not because Facebook has the right tool that allows you to reach as many potentials as you can, and that’s through lookalike audiences.

Learn more about lookalike audiences below and discover creative ways to make the most out of your current customer list.

Why Are Lookalike Audiences Important?

Even before starting your business, you may already have the perfect picture of your ideal customer. If you own a makeup business, your ideal customers are probably females. But what if there are also potential male customers who would be interested in buying makeup either for themselves or for their loved ones?

Using the same example above, you can reach your potential male customers through lookalike audiences. This tool can dissect your current followers and user base, and from there, Facebook will find their common ground. With such data, Facebook will then use it to determine qualified users whom you cannot previously reach.

This informed targeting enables you to not only identify who your next target audience is; it also helps you make the most out of your advertising campaign budget. Moreover,  it can reduce possible expenses that would incur if you still had no idea of your lookalike audiences.

How to Develop a Lookalike Audience

Determine a group where you can dissect a lookalike audience from.

Whether you pick the followers of any of your social media pages, the visitors of your official site, or the customer list in your hand, Facebook can help you produce lookalike audiences with it.

You’ll need a hundred or more of your current audience or client group as a sample group so Facebook can effectively dissect a lookalike audience from it.

The more information that the sample size would have, the better the image would be of your lookalike audience.

Choose your preferred audience size.

You can either choose between larger lookalike audiences and smaller ones. Naturally, each option has pros and cons.

For larger audiences, you’ll get more reach. However, matching will be a challenge. But if you want to reach individuals in one broad sweep without minding about matching them with your existing customers, then this audience is for you.

On the other hand, you’ll get a targeted and focused reach on smaller audiences. Unfortunately, you won’t get as much reach as the other option. But if matching with your current clients is significant for your business, then pick this audience size.

Know your preferred demographics. 

Using the same makeup business example cited above, let’s say your current audiences are females 18 to 30 years old who reside in California. Make sure that you include such details in the Power Editor tool to help Facebook determine better and exact lookalike audiences.

Come up with a captivating ad.

Ads that can capture your target customer’s attention are the ones that contain effective written and visual content. If you have no idea how you can come up with one, you can use the standards and best practices that Facebook has set. Use it as a guide in coming up with your attention-grabbing advertisement that can draw your potential client’s attention toward your posts.

Lookalike audiences are not just about gaining new, potential customers similar to the ideal client you have in mind. But this tool can help you expand your brand, create an effective campaign, and reach a new group of informed and targeted audiences.

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