How Facebook Benefits Marketing Projects

Effective marketing brings success to any big and small business. If you are currently or about to become a business owner, it is vital to set your strategies for your marketing projects. Upon doing so, you might get across and consider having Facebook advertisements as part of your marketing efforts.

Facebook ads platform is continuously one of the most preferred digital marketing channels. According to Statista, the expected number of Facebook users is around 1.7 billion for 2020 alone. Imagine how far your marketing campaign can go with this kind of reach.

If using Facebook as one of your marketing strategies still does not appeal to you, then consider reading below the ways on how Facebook can benefit your business’ current and upcoming marketing projects.

1. Custom-targeted Audience

Are you worried about only having a few hundred contacts? Worry no more because Facebook’s custom audience tool can work like magic that your few hundred contacts will surely increase.

Facebook advertising campaigns are constructed around and for specific audiences. With its custom audience tool, it is now possible for marketing professionals to target their desired audience with particular ads specially tailored to them.

2. Maximum Exposure at Minimum Cost

Research shows that consumers invest 90% of their time on mobile device apps, and Facebook leads the way as the most downloaded application of the first half of 2016. Currently, Facebook lands at the third spot for the most booming online platforms with billion active monthly users.

Advertising on Facebook is also usually more affordable than on Google. Likewise, Facebook video views are less expensive than YouTube.

So, if you aim to market your business online, you would naturally wish to build where your target market is at a minimum cost, and Facebook certainly hits two birds with one stone.

3. Early-stage brand awareness

Facebook can function a whole lot like PR if handled purposefully. The Brand Awareness ad objective uses real-time proxy metrics of the reach and attention customers give to a specific campaign, which provides brands with maximum exposure.

Beginning with brand awareness first is crucial so that later marketing projects can gain a much larger audience. The goal is to get your desired audience’s attention and capture those who are most likely interested in your brand.

4. Facebook Live

Video is already the indisputable champion of consumer involvement and sharing. But if you add a real-time element, you have completed the sweet recipe that tastes like marketing success. Luckily, this sumptuous marketing strategy already exists on Facebook, and you may also know this as Facebook Live.

Facebook Live was introduced in 2015 and took the internet by storm. This feature permits Facebook users to record real-time videos and share them online.

Organizations can use this to their benefit in several ways:

  • Offer a behind the scenes experience to customers.
  • Show a preview of brand-new products or updates.
  • Promote events.
  • Answer questions.

Individuals will spend three times longer viewing a real-time video than with native content. With this in mind, it’s becoming a demand to include it in Facebook advertising.

5. Chatbots

Ever since Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the platform’s ten-year roadmap, every business is trying to use its messaging feature, Facebook Messenger, to connect with their consumers.

A while back, Shopify revealed they would let their stores sell directly on Facebook messenger—such a move is considered game-changing. When a growing number of companies begin marketing on Facebook, individual engagement and hours spent on the platform continue to grow.

With even more consumers engaging with brands on Facebook, the use of chatbots will inevitably end up being a requirement. With chatbots, you will develop structured messages consisting of photos, links, and call to action buttons.

6. Quick Feedback

The good old days of direct-mail voting polls or sales call surveys to connect with customers for feedback on service or products are now over with social media platforms in the disposal.

Facebook makes it easier for businesses to simply post an inquiry on their page and unwind and watch for the comments.

Time is perhaps the most crucial asset in business. Facebook is excellent for business owners and marketers to obtain information about how well their products or services have served their customers.

Gaining feedback is also faster than ever that business owners can now pinpoint what works for their business and what is not without wasting time and other resources.

7. Consumer Psychology

One of the most significant advantages of Facebook and social media, in general, is that they provide every person a chance to be heard.

Along with supplying the capacity to share viewpoints on service or products, Facebook makes it possible for users to recommend services within their very own neighborhood by merely hitting the “Like” button.

Businesses can leverage this action and turn day-to-day customers right into brand influencers. Nine in ten customers take the reviews and testimonials of their peers into account during the consideration phase of purchasing. Why not allow your customers to do the speaking for you?

8. Growth

Facebook is improving day by day. The number of active and engaged users has nearly doubled in the last four years. There will undoubtedly be more individuals to show your web content to, and also advertising will likely keep improving and cost less.

In the last year alone, the top social platform has launched a variety of brand-new attributes such as:

  • Facebook Live Video
  • Facebook Professional Services
  • Facebook at Work
  • Enhanced Search
  • Uber/Lyft Integration
  • Facebook Shopping Tab
  • Instant Articles
  • Facebook Events
  • Charitable Crowdfunding
  • Music Stores

This is a fascinating time for Facebook. Business owners and marketers need to brace themselves and prepare to make these options a substantial part of their marketing strategies.

There is no refuting that Facebook is here to stay. It is incredible to assume that what started as an easy way to keep in touch with close friends has turned into a platform that connects individuals and also brand names throughout the world. Keep your ears open for new developments concerning how Facebook can build your business for the future.


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