When Should You Publish that Facebook Post to Increase Engagement?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with more than 2.6 billion active users per month, bringing many benefits to a lot of marketers and advertisers. However, this overwhelming number of users has a negative impact on Facebook’s organic reach. Daily active individuals combined with constantly-evolving Facebook algorithms does a number on the said variable. Now more than ever, determining peak hours for posting content is more critical to a business campaign’s success.

Let me level with you — there is no standard best time to publish your post on Facebook. It would be difficult, if not nearly impossible, to figure out a specific answer. Not every source has similar outcomes. Your target population may have similar interests, but their lifestyles vary. Not to mention, no two brands or businesses are ever the same.

For instance, somebody who starts their day early at 7 AM, going to work all morning follows a different schedule from someone who sleeps all morning to power himself up for work or night school. Both individuals can be a part of your target market. Obviously, they access social media whenever they are awake or during their break time at work, making it challenging to trace data accurately.

We have gathered data based on different studies to share with you in the hopes that you can gain insights into the best time and day your business can publish on Facebook, and by extension, Facebook stories.

Ideal Times to Publish a Post on Facebook

Numerous studies have backed up the idea that posting between 12:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon is most fruitful for the business. Many people taking their lunch breaks are likely to browse social media platforms. It is that period of the day when people can put their feet up and spend time aimlessly scrolling on their feeds to check out what people on their Facebook list are up to.

Further studies suggest that posting at 1 PM is the perfect time to make a post go viral. Apparently, at this time, people are in a sharing mood. At 3 PM, winds shift, and instead of sharing posts, your post gets more click-throughs.

Should you desire to do two posts in a day, a close runner up is posting at 9 AM. Another good option is to post at nighttime, preferably between 8 PM and 9 PM, when everyone has dinner or has just finished their meals.

You could also program your posts to get published on weekends. You don’t want your potential consumers and followers to forget about you. The best time to do so is from 12 PM to 1 PM.

Ideal Days to Publish a Post on Facebook

Guess what the best days to publish on Facebook are? Weekends! When else is everyone available to spend hours on social media? Engagement is at its highest on Saturdays and Sundays.

Posting on a Friday is also beneficial for businesses since it is the final weekday. Therefore, everyone is either dwindling down for a relaxed weekend or being extra upbeat for a fun weekend. Either way, more people have time for social media on this day.

Now, when talking about working days, Wednesdays and Thursdays are suitable options after Friday. Monday is so-so, but engagement on Tuesday is at its all-time low.

Figuring Out the Best Times to Publish on Facebook Based on Your Audience

It’s good to know the findings above and keep them as references. But to find out what will work for your brand, you have to dig deep. Knowing your audience can help you improve your engagement and broaden your exposure through your posts and stories.

Remember how we talked about different people having different timetables? How well do you know your audience? Barely? Here’s a tip: Use Facebook’s Insights to obtain an overview of your target audience’s behavior. You can check when your prospects are most active in terms of day and time. Moreover, you also get to view content performance and how your fans respond to it. Once you gain a new level of knowledge and clarity from your prospect’s whereabouts, you can better map out each post’s timing.

How to Use Facebook Insights

Facebook users have always been invested in bridging friends and family and strengthening relationships. Therefore, the platform has changed algorithms, making it difficult for influencers and brands to connect with new clients and expand their fanbase organically.

This is where Facebook Insights comes in. It plays a significant role in any brand’s Facebook content strategy. First, it’s free. Second, it lets you recognize your most active audience and your top-performing posts. All of which are relevant to making your content strategy fool-proof.

How can you use the platform’s built-in analytics tool to pin out your posts’ performance?

Go to the “Insight” tab on your Facebook page. From there, you can see various vital measurements and data separated into sections. Look for the Overview tab found on the left side of the page to see every relevant info on your page. However, the Posts tab is where the real treasure is. You can identify from there the periods where your audience is more interactive.

Check the optimal hours available for each day by gathering data spanning several weeks to perform your own study, which best applies to your business. By checking the data, you will see the best periods to post on Facebook and get an accurate value of optimal hours.

Wrapping Up

While there is no definite answer to the question, “When is the best time or day to post on Facebook?”. The platform equips its users with the means to strategize and determine the answer that applies to them with the help of Facebook Insights.

Make your study even more fruitful by identifying the posts with most engagement rates. You can use it for reference to improve reach and interaction on your posts. Other relevant information includes customer behavior, the ratio between organic and paid reach, and so much more.

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