5 Best Facebook Ad Types Every Business Should Use

One of the most famous social media sites for the past few years until today is Facebook.  Facebook started as a website wherein people from different ends of the world could communicate until it grew into something huge and influential. Because of its increasing popularity and the innovation of its usage, Facebook became a platform for business and advertisement. For the past couple of years, Facebook advertising has proven to be effective and smart.  

So, do you wish to step up your A-game and market your company via Facebook advertising? If YES is the answer, then you’ve just got an excellent idea! Although, you have to bear in mind that Facebook has the most stringent advertising system with the highest online presence worldwide. Nonetheless, it is one of the most cost-efficient means to market your brand to the world. 

Now you’re most likely assuming that it is as easy as 1 2 3. Wrong. Don’t get too excited; it isn’t some superficial strategy that you want to dive into carelessly. Before anything else, you will have to figure out the overall objective for your Facebook campaign. Every business has its own advertising goal regarding how you want to share your brand with your target audience. 

Whether it be advertising your fan page, sending out people to your website, or merely gaining a few conversions, there are many ways to promote your brand name with an ad that fulfills your end goal. Once you have established your goal, only then can you start exploring the different Facebook advertising types and strategies.

Below, I have detailed the different types of Facebook advertisements readily available to promote your message and satisfy your goal.

1. Carousel Ads

Additionally referred to as Dynamic Product Ads, DPAs are the underdog of all advertisements since very few companies are utilizing this type of Facebook ad to its full potential. Carousel advertisements are excellent, whether there are numerous items that you want to showcase simultaneously, or if you simply have one product and intend to highlight its specific functions. This type of Facebook advertisement is exceptionally effective, especially if you incorporate great pictures, imaginative content, and storytelling. 

The technique here is to make your content attractive to your audience since these kinds of ads call for high interactivity to get the message across. Having to get hold of your target audience’s interest in one advertisement is hard enough; try it with three or four. However, if you can skillfully master the art of carousel ads, you have yourself a winner!

2. Video Ads

Want to go viral? Then take out your video camera and begin shooting now! Almost all of what appears on your newsfeed will be shared videos with varying contents, which is why many businesses go the extra mile of promoting videos instead of a simple passive photo. If you can include texts or captions in your video, then that is a bonus.  

Video ads cut to the chase and get the focus of your target audience with practically little effort. These sorts of ads are great if you wish to display your product and its attributes instead of counting on words over your photo. The main goal with video advertisements is to boost engagement by offering your audiences delightful content to watch and respond to. 

The only drawback to having your viewers hooked on your video advertisement is that it is not wholly reliable for sending traffic to your website or converting it into sales. Visitors cannot click a normal video advertisement if they intend to be rerouted to your landing web page. Video clip ads put a pause on sending web traffic to your landing page yet reach an astonishing amount of people, so you need to decide what is more important: brand awareness or sales.

3. Lead Generation Ads

The ultimate player. This advertisement is known for getting an individual’s name and number conveniently. If you are planning on doing any kind of giveaways, events, or you wish to accumulate leads for services or products, this is the one for you. Lead generation ads are typically more budget-friendly in collecting leads than a conventional advertisement that redirects traffic to a landing page. 

You will no longer lose leads from a touchdown page with this handy dandy ad. Facebook makes the signup procedure as simple as possible with their autofill forms, and if you need more details than the usual sign up form, you can always personalize it. Generally, the lesser actions individuals need to do, the higher the chance they’ll convert. List-building advertisements are known to be the superior of conversions.

4. Right Rail Ads

The name says it all. These are fun-sized advertisements located on the right column of your newsfeed. However, these ads are just shown to desktop computer users. Right rail advertisements are exceptionally reliable in sending out website traffic and revealing higher conversion prices than conventional promotions. 

Formatting is a bit different for Right Rail advertisements with more constraints on text length, but if you can share your message with minimal wording and tag team it with an interesting image, then the rest will go down to history! They have little to no competition for positioning and present themselves numerous times a day, leaving them with a superior CPM.

5. Standard Ad

This is a normal routine ad. Whatever you want to call this, this is the gateway to all of Facebook advertising. This standard style is suitable for every function and satisfies every purpose. So what is the con in this ad? EVERY PERSON DOES IT. The competition for this conventional Facebook advertising is higher, and impression rates are lower than many other options. The key here is to find a way to make users quit scrolling and spend a few seconds glancing at your advertisement. 

To have a high performing ad in this design, you need to enhance it from all angles and distinguish your advertisement from the rest of your competitors. Whether it be the use of hashtags, emojis, excellent images, message overlay in photos, a strong CTA, etc., the combinations are endless! Turn the ordinary into extraordinary and always think outside of the box.

After going through all these remarkable alternatives, you may come to find yourself torn between more than one option. That is completely normal. Truthfully, there isn’t merely one way to market your brand online, and utilizing any of these ad variations will undoubtedly fulfill your general objective — to be successful. Whichever strategy you opt to use, make sure to stick to your goal and rise from there. If one approach doesn’t work, do not lose heart, try another one. There is one definite truth to all this, and that is, Facebook advertising could take you to greater heights.

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