6 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness Utilizing Facebook

Despite claims to the contrary, Facebook continues to be one of the top social media websites utilized by small and big businesses for brand awareness. Many companies have increased their digital marketing spending plans to allow more for Facebook marketing. According to Hubspot, 55% of online marketers worldwide have increased their digital marketing budget plans, while 52% of all online marketers have discovered a customer using Facebook.

If you find that you haven’t been able to create the quantity of leads or customers you desire from this social media tool, the suggestions I have listed below will assist you in getting the site traffic and brand awareness you’re looking for utilizing Facebook.

Follow the 80/20 Rule When Posting

Instead of constantly posting advertising links or posts, let your audience know about something going on in your individual life to provide your Facebook page a more natural feel. Good examples are photos of your trip, or maybe an anecdote about something amusing that happened to you. 

Posting photos like these can help boost your advertising in the long run. It makes you feel relatable to your audience, and they’ll feel as though they can get in touch with you more on an individual level. Sometimes, it helps to remind your audience that you’re more than simply a staff member or company owner.

However, you should still keep the majority of your posts business-related by following the 80/20 guideline: 80% of your posts need to be associated with your brand or business, while the other 20% must have something to do with your individual life.

Respond and React to Comments

Don’t leave your audience hanging by not responding to their comments on your Facebook page or posts. Maybe someone just posted about how much they liked your item. Or perhaps they have a concern that needs to be addressed. You should respond to whatever may be written on your wall or posts. Let fans understand how crucial their remarks are by writing a personalized yet straightforward reply to their comments to keep the dialogue going and keep your audience engaged.

Produce a Call to Action

Sometimes, all it takes is a sense of urgency for individuals to go to a site and make a purchase. Great examples of these include informing your audience that the first 100 individuals to post on their wall, buy an item, or offer their viewpoint on a specific subject will get a free eBook or other marketing product. Another example would be to host a live podcast that can only be listened to at a certain time. It’s fantastic at what people will do when they know that their time to react to a certain call-of-action is limited.  

Create Educational and Engaging Content

Articles and videos should not only offer products and services; they also need to include helpful material that fans can use. They might consist of tutorials on how to use your product, entertaining videos about some behind-the-scenes of your company, or an informative video explaining either the product or your business. Your audience will most likely read and “like” your posts if it consists of beneficial and interesting details.

Believe in the Power of Word-of-Mouth

One of the most powerful marketing tools is the word-of-mouth because people mostly trust brands or businesses that their pals or family recommend. To get individuals speaking about your business, create a contest or reward system that clients can win by getting the word out about your business.

Display the Facebook Page

To do this, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve on your page. Do you want more leads or likes? Do you wish to get a particular amount of sales using social media marketing? After figuring out your goal, track your posts’ success to determine how much traffic is redirected to your site.

Facebook will continue to thrive as an in-demand marketing tool, despite our changing times. With the ideas I’ve listed above, you’ll surely start maximizing your Facebook campaign, increase brand awareness and traffic to your website, and cultivate new relationships.

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